Guest Blogger David Pierson from Punished Brats: A Cherry Red Year in Review

A truly breathtaking screen-shot, never before published, from the Miss Chris--Joelle "bedtime spanking" shoot, one of the red-hot highlights of 2011 at PunishedBrats.

What’s up my spanky peeps. Recently I asked David Pierson, the chief spanker at Punished Brats, if he’d be game for guest blogging on some of his cherry-red themed most memorable moments of the year.

David graciously obliged with the guest blog post below. In reality, 2011 turned out to be a very challenging and difficult one, to say the least, for the Punished Brats family on numerous fronts.  .  .

Written by David Pierson:

I’ve been asked to describe our 2011 season thus far. To do that question justice, I must steal the opening sentence from Charles Dicken’s  ‘A Tale Of Two Cities.’ — It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

The Worst Of Times:

In late June, my brother Rick died of cancer. He had lived with that disease for almost a decade. Rick directed, shot and edited our material.  There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of him.

He and Pixie became something of a writing team. Pixie has also been dealing with illness most of the year. The last time she set foot on the set was March of this year. She has been tending to her duties as webmaster, and since the death of my brother, has been our editor.

The Best Of Times:

I had a terrific time shooting some terrific brats this year. These are but a few of my favorite scenes. This year I’ve done more complete storylines, told in several spanking segments.

Veronica tans Pixie's gorgeous bottom, as Lily Anna looks on in "Cookie Drive"

‘Cookie Drive’ holds  a special place in my heart. It was shot this March. That shoot was written and produced by my brother. He had hoped to direct it as well. Unfortunately, he was too ill, so I ended up directing it.

In this video, Lily Anna and Pixie are spanked by Veronica for losing the money from a fundraising ‘Cookie Drive.’ Later, we discover that Lorraine borrowed the money. Subsequently, she is spanked by both Lily Anna and also Pixie.

Another of my favorite scenes from 2011 was shot in February and is called ‘Bedtime Spanking,’ starring Joelle and Miss Chris [pictured  below].

An amazing screen-shot from the video. LOVE this image.

Joelle, clad in PJ’s, was given a very sound spanking before bed. I must say, Miss Chris spanked her quite well!

Over the knee of Miss Chris, Joelle gets her PJ's peeled down and her naughty bottom tanned good and proper. Quite a hawttt scene.

In May of this year we shot with a lovely brat named Pi. [Pronounced like “Pie.”] I love every scene from that shoot. And I think I will go with ‘Unexcused Absence’ as my favest scene, in which Pi cuts school and receives a stinging hairbrush spanking from Veronica:

Veronica's trusty hairbrush does its work on Pi's panty-clad posterior.

In late May, we shot my take on ‘The Black Swan’ ballet film, and in our version, spankee Angelina and Lady Azul starred in ‘The Dark Angel’ series. This scene is called ‘Dancing Naked.’

Naughty ballerina Angelina gets her perky bottom reddended deliciously. Love this image.

Over the summer, we shot a series with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci [pictured below], in a scene called ‘Beverly Takes Control.’ And soon to be released from Punished Brats is some very hot material featuring Taylor Rayne, Pi and Ten.

Shooting these scenes was the Best of Times. . .

Lorraine learns a thing or two, otk-style, about behavior issues from Beverly Bacci's seasoned hand.

P.S. One more highlight: In April we did a great shoot with my dear friend, Bronte. The series was originally entitled ‘Five Days In Detention’ but as my brother was rapidly tiring, it became four. This scene is called ‘ The End’. . .

Over David Pierson's knee, Bronte receives an old-fashioned cherry red lesson.

>>>For more spanking pix and previews, be sure to visit Punished Brats:

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3 Responses to Guest Blogger David Pierson from Punished Brats: A Cherry Red Year in Review

  1. tim says:

    very nice interview with David ,.Punished brats is an excellent site ,best from tim .

  2. Alexis Steele says:

    I’d LOVE to know what you spend for lotion and ice pack supplies! 🙂

  3. Jed says:

    That last photo of Bronte over Daddy’s knee is quite stupendous…a most curvy botty harnessed, unprotected and utterly defenceless (as it should be)

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