Goth Spank; And Cherry Red Spanking News

What’s up my spanky peeps.  So I recently stumbled across this intriguing, artsy spanko image today and wanted to share it, as I think it’s quite unusual and evocative and gothic, so to speak. [I’m not clear who the photographer is….]

In other cherrytastic news, the CRR editorial crew has an interview with fetish star and spanking model Missy Rhodes [pictured below], of Spanked Sweeties fame, in the works. [Sweeties is also accessible via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.]  Anyway, here’s a yummy gallery to tide you over. And another hawt one Here.  And I do luv this piccy below:

Missy Rhodes learns that Father knows best

Also, adult star Teagan [or Tegan] Summers plays Missy’s sister in the scene, which is kewl. Here’s a gallery of Tegan getting spanked. In jean-shorts. Hurrah!

The unstoppable Kitty, of Kitty’s Exotic Paddles fame, purveyors of gorgeous spanking implements, is now offering paddles featuring some of her custom painting work, as seen below.  How cool is that?

This is a must see, esp. if you dig schoolgirls and pj’s and smouldering bottoms. Adult star Tom Byron definitely knows how to get his butt-warming spank on, as evidenced in Shadow Lane’s recent sizzler Bad Girls.

This film stars two highly renowned and terribly spankable spankees: Kat. St. James and Sarah Gregory, playing now at CherryRedMovies. In one scene, he’s a firm teacher and the second one a traditional Dad. Now that’s multitasking.

Pioneering spanking producers Janus have re-launched their brand with a shiny new site over at Janus World Wide. Def. check it out.  They’ve been around for 40 years(!) so they know their spanking. The site has a forum, classified section, digital versions of their famed magazine, and more cherry red goodness.

In spanking art news, a talented spanko by the name of Ian contacted this blog and informed us: “I am starting up a new ‘e-magazine’ of my spanking artwork, with the central feature being a serialized graphic story, ‘Reform School’  [sample panel below].  Each issue will have 12 pages with 3 pages of the graphic story, sent fortnightly to subscribers’ e-mail addresses.”  If you’d like more info, please contact Ian directly at ianhamilton96 [at] hotmail [dot] com.


For those into the male end of the spanking spectrum, I updated my other blog Spanking4Men with a classic, eye-catching spanking comic, featuring The Punisher tanning the hide of a street punk.

Over at the always intriguing Spanked in Uniform, we have a butt-blazing medical scene in which Dr. Mike, one of the hardest working spankers in the spank business, gets his spank on with a misbehaving nurse — pictured below is Dr. Mike and the gorgeous Monique.

*  *  *

P.S. Click here for a few fresh new tantalizing free preview vids and pix from the good people at Firm Hand Spanking.   Also the tireless Chelsea Pfeiffer is re-posting a “vintage” Sierra Salem(!) vid on her Good Spanking site: check out Chelsea’s 2-site special offer.



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