Of Pleasure and Punishment and Cherry Red Goodness

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Many have said that I look at life through cherry red colored glasses. There is a lot of truth to that.  And I’ve always been on a lifelong hunt for the best in cherry red awesomesauce in all its marvelous variations. I still remember the day in college, when I ordered this film on VHS from punished posterior pioneers Shadow Lane — and was never quite the same again.

There is a steamy hot couple that stars in two smouldering new spanking movies now playing at CherryRedMovies that got my spanko senses tingling….I’ve included some video eye candy below that I thought you might dig. [Speaking of eye candy, the beautiful spankee has a striking resemblance to spanko star Sinn Sage.]

What I dig about CherryRedMovies is that you can watch What you want. When you want. And of course skip to the good parts 🙂

But wait. There’s more…there are literally tens of thousands of dripping hot “mainstream” XXX adult films as well at CherryRedMovies, and you can watch a free sample of that hawtness instantly Here.

Anyway, the first film is Painful Cure that features a spanking therapist who takes his job quite seriously, and also Punished for Pleasure features a more traditional, yet feverishly erotic domestic scene. I’m not clear who these spankos are [anyone have any info?], but they are certainly spanktastic, displaying the delights of deliciously firm yet erotic cherry red goodness.

cherryredmovies spanking on-demand
Now playing at CherryRedMovies



cherryredmovies spanking on-demand
Get your free minutes now and enjoy.


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