Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes with Janus Publications

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After 40 years of publishing gorgeous cherry redness, the venerable spanking magazine Janus has recently re-launched their website with the wonderfully designed Janus World Wide, which features digital editions, web exclusives, forums and more.

CRR got the scoop on this spanktastic venture with Roy Tersley, who has been working on the revamped Janus site and the massive task of transforming four decades of spanktasticness to digital formats.

Thank you Roy for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. Can you give us a brief backgrounder on the history of Janus?

It would be a pleasure. The history of Janus is, of course, very lengthy as it was established over 40 years ago. We will be documenting the full history over time covering the first shop in Victoria, the move to Green Court and its final resting place in Old Compton Street.

janus spanking
Janus has a fresh new look...

There have been many contributors and several very distinguished editors. All of this occurred under the watchful eye of Gordon Sergeant who sadly passed away a year ago. There is an excellent article to be found on Janus at this site Here.

What sparked the move to relaunch Janus World Wide?

The main “driver” for putting Janus (and its associated publications) on-line was that the Janus shop in Old Compton Street closed down. This was with much regret and sadness, but it was becoming increasingly challenging to retain a presence on the “high street.”

janus spanking magazineOnce this decision was taken, we carried out a full review and, with great encouragement from the spanking community, we decided that we should embrace the Internet and put Janus online.

Having made that decision, we then thought about what people would like to see and how we could provide a site that retained the Janus pursuit of “quality” as well as providing unique and a different approach to the global community.

And what was the conclusion ?

The conclusion we reached was probably the obvious one. The first focus is to put all the printed Janus magazines on line for people to be able to download electronically.

We have noticed that this is proving to be very popular as it has opened up a global audience and attracted new readers as well as collectors being able to complete their individual collections or replace issues that have been lost or destroyed over the years.

The second focus is to make available all of the historical content and the images taken at the time each magazine was being produced but never published.

How is everything going so far?

We are making steady progress but let me give you an overview as to the size of the task.
There are in excess of 10,000 colour images and over 2,000 black and white prints covering Janus and a large amount of Februs that we haven’t approached as of yet.

janus spanking magazine
The exquisite Amelia Jane Rutherford

There are also a lot of Readers letters, stories, pictures and drawings that have never been seen that need to sorted and indexed as well.

Each image is being catalogued and filed by Janus Issue number (main or second shoot) and model name. We have been engaged in this task for a couple of months now and are now seeing the light at end of the tunnel!

Well, it’s a tough job…but someone has to do it !

Indeed! We will soon be seeing the benefit of doing all this hard work by being able to instantly access all this material and make it part of our product offerings.

Other initiatives include the revival of the Bognor Cane Company and expanding this company to produce a series of high quality leather products as well as their traditional canes and wooden implements.

janus spanking magazineThese exclusive and quality implements will all be available exclusively and directly from Janus.

The Janus craftsmen will also be available to produce bespoke implements – we already have an order to produce a series of ebony handled brushes and we haven’t released this section as yet.

Please reserve one of those ebony handled brushes for me 😉 So what other things can we look forward to?

As I hinted at earlier, there is a significant amount of work being done just to get the basics right. After all, Janus is the oldest producer of material; for example, George Harrison Marks was its editor for a time (well before he established his own magazine).

The key moving forward is now to embrace a new and global audience. We will be doing this in many ways and there will a flow of announcements over the coming months.

A further ambition is to start to produce video content. It is not appropriate to say too much about this at the moment…but the intention is to take a new and refreshing look at this market and produce exciting, new and quality content.

There will be an electronic magazine produced and a stream of new content, images, stories and illustrations so please spread the word and get any budding writers, models and artists to contact me if any of these areas appeal to them either as a contributor or a model.

Will do. Thank you very much for your time Roy, and best of luck with this venture!

<<<<For more info, please visit Janus World Wide.<<<<<


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4 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes with Janus Publications”

  1. Great interview CRR as always. The news is really out about Janusworldwide now …. MarQe’s Study will be re-visiting the iconic ‘Nicola Redway’ photostory with more Janus archive material soon !!

    Thanks MarQe

  2. Janus certainly played a major role in pre-internet spanking culture. And since the rise of the ‘net their imagery has been echoed around the world. Great choice for an interview, Dave!

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