Santa Spanked? Please Fill in the Caption Bubbles

What’s up my spanky peeps? Well it looks like I’m starting to get into the seasonal cherry red holiday spirit, at long last! Anyone care to suggest some dialogue and/or a caption for this unusual and classic vintage photo?

Simply leave your suggestions, whether they are naughty or nice, in the comment box. This is not a contest — it’s just for fun and spanktastic holiday cheer. Thank you and season’s spankings to you. 🙂

CHERRY RED INTERVIEW COMING SOON: Stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with the young yet highly seasoned spanker Kyle Johnson, who will offer a behind-the-scenes look into shooting his butt-blazing scene, pictured below, with Clare Fonda on Spanked Sweeties.

Kyle Johnson knows how to get his message across....

 Photo courtesy of Clare Fonda.

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4 thoughts on “Santa Spanked? Please Fill in the Caption Bubbles”

  1. Miss Scarlett: Santa, this is for leaving me that crappy Betsy Wetsy Doll that leaked all over the place when I was six.
    Santa: Come on Momma, Spank Daddy Hard…! Ho, Ho, Ho, This is SO MUCH better than milk and cookies

    Miss Scarlet: Santa, you Yankee Carpetbagger I am going to whoop you good.
    Santa: Frankly Scarlett….I DON’T GIVE a DA……! Oh who am I kidding….Santa LOVES this!

    Miss Scarlet: OK Santa, just to be clear…The Southern Belle Outfit is an additional 200 over and above the standard 1000 dollar hourly rate
    Santa: OK, OK, No problem Santa has been a BAD BOY put him at the top of your NAUGHTY list

    Miss Scarlet: How does that feel Santa?
    Santa: Oh Soooo Goooood…Remember Santa gets his turn to spank you…Miss Scarlet, He, He…!

    Miss Scarlett: I’ll teach you to look under a Southern Lady’s Dress you Bearded Pervert
    Santa: Oh MY, Oh MY, I do believe the SOUTH is going rise again!

  2. She: “Look here, Mister Claus, the situation is that I’ve been erroneously listed on your naughty list three years running now and I’ve just about had it. I can be quite nice, you know.”

    Santa: “For goodness sakes…ow! I’m going back to the North Pole. I’ve had it.”

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