Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Kyle Johnson

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When I first saw the young yet highly seasoned spanker and talented actor Kyle Johnson cherry reddening the legendary Clare Fonda’s beautiful bottom, as seen on the latest sizzling update from Spanked Sweeties, we here at CRR had to chat with Kyle to get the inside scoop on this cherry red goodness.

[Check out a free gallery from this hot Kyle/Clare spanking scene Here.]

Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

I want to ask you about your experiences spanking Clare Fonda on Spanked Sweeties, but I believe you had wanted to start off by commenting on your relationship status with the spanking model Katherine “Kat” St. James?

Well, I know a lot of people read your blog, so I wanted to clarify so that the rumor mill doesn’t start up, yes, myself and Kat broke up and are in the process of moving into different houses.

However, it ended amicably and we are still friends and will still be shooting together and attending conventions for Disciplinary Arts together. So now you have it from the horse’s mouth.

I must say I was quite impressed with, not just with your seasoned spanking skills, but also with your dialogue and acting skills and your intensity–if i may ask, do you have a theatre/acting background? And Clare is of course, fantastic and funny, as always, in this scene.

spanked sweeties clare fonda spankingI have been doing professional stage theater and indy films / commercials since a young age, and recently attended the Acting Corps 6 month program Actors Boot Camp in Hollywood.

I always try to keep doing outside projects when not shooting for Disciplinary Arts. Also, shooting with fantastic people like Eve and Tony of Shadowlane, Samantha Woodley on Firmhand, and of course Clare are always helpful, as I believe the quality of a project is all relative to the creativity and professionalism of the people involved.

Just to rewind a bit, how did you end up working with Clare Fonda?

I had met Clare a couple of times when she was shooting with Kat and she wanted to try shooting a scene with me as she had seen some of my stuff.

She loved it and after we shot our first scene where I played an internal affairs member investigating claims of sexual harassment in the workplace by the cougar boss and it was a great scene, so we did the nephew one and Clare said it was a scorcher.  😉

clare fonda's spanked sweetiesWhat was it like playing her firm nephew and having to punish a naughty, carousing, cougaring Aunty Clare? And what’s it like working with Clare, overall?

Clare is one of the most down to earth and funny people in the scene today, and she can take one hell of a spanking. If you have seen the video, she is more than ‘cherry red’ at the end of her spanking.

Indeed! 🙂 Do you plan on filming any more shoots with Clare Fonda and Spanked Sweeties?

We have a really great shoot planned for early next year which I’m sure will find Clare back over my knee again for one reason or another 😉

It says on your FetLilfe profile that you are a “discipline accountability coach.” Can you elaborate a bit on what that’s all about?

Well, a Discipline Accountability Coach is basically an alternative life coach that uses non-sexual spanking and other discipline techniques to help girls break bad habits and give motivation to help them get on the path they want to be on.

spanked sweeties clare fonda spankingI have girls fly out from all over the U.S. for the sessions. Some of them are tape for trade, and some are paid private sessions.

It’s different from a professional disciplinarian, who typically would not get paid for their services, in that I set up assignment sheets, talk throughout the week to make sure they are staying on track, and really invest myself into making sure that whatever needs to be done to change their habits or get them on track is done correctly and is effective. I have a very high success rate in my sessions.

For someone as young as yourself, I must say I am amazed at how experienced you are in the scene–I think that is a great thing, and inspiring.

Thanks. I mean, it’s a mixed bag. On one hand, I have a lot of couples and men who write me and tell me that they started filming their own spankings in their relationships after seeing that age doesn’t HAVE to be a factor as many companies try to make it.

Most companies previously would only hire older men who couldn’t act or sometimes even properly spank just because they felt people wanted to see older men as the disciplinarian due to a stereotype.

And now that I have been working steadily with different companies and many different models, the game is changing so that younger spankers are allowed to come out and show that age doesn’t necessarily equal skill in certain situations.

I love what I do, and though there also comes a lot of hate and spite from the “older” generation of spankers simply because they don’t like me being young and doing what I do, I feel like the people I help or the people I make laugh with my fun humorous videos are totally worth it.

On the vanilla front, when you are not tanning tails, what are some of your other passions and hobbies and such?

I also own a DJ and Karaoke company, and actually DJed a few of the suite parties for Dr. Lecter at Shadowlane 2011. If you ever need a spanking friendly DJ or karaoke host for any spanko events or parties, feel free to contact me!

Sounds great–Keep in touch and thank you for your time!

Thank you and have a fun and safe holiday, everyone!

>>>To watch the complete video, visit Spanked Sweeties.

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You can also access the above site via Clare’s multi-site spanking pass:

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3 thoughts on “Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Kyle Johnson”

  1. Great interview! I LOVE the photo in the three piece suit – more of that please 🙂

    I’ve seen Kyle in photos but haven’t watched any of his videos yet. Awesome to know he’s an actor and has his own kinky projects in the works. I’ll definitely check out more of his work.

  2. Me too! Great interview and if only I could find a younger guy to be a top, I’d love that with some naughty cougar just like Clare… OMG – very hot!

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