Super Cool Hairbrush Advertisement


Photo by Scott Wright

Sometimes a hairbrush is just a hairbrush.

Or is it?

Anyone desire a paddle hairbrush adorned with skulls or zebra stripes in your Christmas stocking? I do! These striking print ads for a haircare company absolutely got the old spanko senses tingling…..[I would assume the photographer and ad company did indeed realize the subtle fetishistic overtones of this image ?]

Photo by Scott Wright

 * * *

NEW SPANKY PIX YOU MIGHT ENJOY: In other news, check out this gorgeous gallery featuring the every naughty Chloe:

From Firm Hand Spanking, Alison Miller’s elfish attitude earns her a festive, seasonal leather strapping on her perfect posterior:

And Tom Byron, the adult film star who is no stranger to the cherry red proclivity, gets deliciously tanned by 3 gorgeous ladies.  If you are looking to see Tom get his spank on, check out the butt-blazing domestic spanking film “Bad Girls” starring Kat St. James and Sarah Gregory. A must-see if you like stern, traditional Daddy scenarios. And pajamas. And glowing buns.

Speaking of pajamas, perv over to this wonderful piping-hot Sarah Gregory Santa spanking pic set.

Triple A Spanking gets into the holiday spirit with this Xmas-themed gallery.

Looking for some classic spanking films to ward off the seasonal blues? Check out the American Spanking Classics series, from CalStar:


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6 thoughts on “Super Cool Hairbrush Advertisement”

  1. They honestly don’t seem to realise exactly what the words paddle brush do to us. I know it puts a smile on my face and a tingle down my spine every time I see them and think of their alternative use.

  2. I feel exactly the same Aunty Andrea.

    Hermione: I hope they don’t sell out just yet, ‘cuz I want one. Or two…. 😉

    Thank you Tim and to you as well.

  3. I might be convinced they were oblivious to any spanking overtones if the girl were smiling. But that stern glare is a dead giveaway.

    Best of the holidays and for the New Year!

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