5 Questions with Amelia Jane Rutherford

amelia jane rutherford
Pic Source: Restrained Elegance

What up my spanky peeps? Every so often, we here at CRR HQ ask spanking, bondage and glamour model extraordinaire Amelia Jane Rutherford a few random questions, because she is completely Super. She is also very funny and says the word “rubbish” a lot in past correspondence, which I find quite charming. Hope these questions are not too rubbishy.

[You can also read a lengthier and unusual Q&A with Amelia over Here. And check out some of her fab films on-demand Here.]

Thank you kindly Amelia for taking the time to chat with CRR! I happened per chance to see one of your tweets recently that you did a fashion “demon shoot,” if I read that correctly, wearing otherworldly demonic contact lenses — do tell. Were you Satan’s spawn or a dastardly deity or ?

amelia jane rutherford
Pic Source: Restrained Elegance

Well, I’m not actually sure what I really was.  I don’t want to sound unduly like Hansel the male model in Zoolander, but I don’t always know what I’m doing when I’m at work.

I find it quite relaxing, just doing what I’m told and not really being too sure why.  When I’m being sent abroad for location shoots, I actively enjoy not knowing where I’ll be staying until I get there.

Sometimes, in all honestly, I’m not 100% sure which country I’ll actually end up in.  Which is all fine as long as I trust the people who’ve booked me, which I do if I allow them to post me off abroad.  In the contact lens shoot I was imagining that I was a tragic beauty who’d been transformed into being a demon against her will.  I’m almost always a damsel in distress in my head.

I recently did some bloggage on the re-launch of the new Janus World Wide website, and in examing some classic mags quite lovely seeing you exquisitely grace those classic covers—just wondering what your thoughts are on Janus and and their role in the spanking scene?

Ahhh, I did love shooting for Janus, and I’m very glad that I got the chance to just before they stopped printing their lovely magazine.  They produced gorgeous pictures, I thought. Spanking stills often seem to be a bit of an afterthought, sort of tacked on to the end of video shoots.  I’m sorry they stopped printing physical magazines, though I do see that it was probably inevitable.

amelia jane rutherford
Image Source: Restrained Elegance

I also wanted to say congratulations on launching your own production company Elegance Studios. How is that venture working out so far?

amelia jane rutherfordA beautiful still from the film “Amelia’s Sunday Spanking” from Elegance Studios.

Golly, I absolutely love it!  I’ve got a proper feature length spanking movie that I’m slowly putting together but it won’t be shot before the end of next year, I don’t suppose.

So when I say I’m ‘working on it’ I actually mean I’m fantasizing about it.  Which is probably a good place to start for a production which will hopefully be sexy to watch, but its a bit self-indulgent of me, isn’t it?

It’s a huge pleasure to be involved in a project in which we can really slow down and try to do things as though we were shooting a mainstream film.  Obviously we won’t succeed in every way because we’ve got a fraction of the budget and are teaching ourselves as we go along.

But the BDM (boyfriend/Dom/Master) and I are off on a film making course in London in January and we’re slowly sucking in knowledge which will hopefully make our productions better.  We’re also hoping we might be able to start working on a documentary this year.

I don’t think it’ll be a very commercial prospect, but we (along with lots of people reading this, I guess) don’t like the documentaries we’ve seen on the subject of kinkiness and BDSM and we’d like to have a go at making a film which doesn’t present BDSM as a) dangerous and/or b) dysfunctional.

amelia jane rutherfordThe stunning Amelia receiving her comeuppance at the seasoned hands of Clare Fonda.

I love your (new?) exquisite hair style, [excuse my ignorance, umm, those are, hmm, ringlets?] as seen in some of your more recent shoots, for example with Firm Hand Spanking—it’s a super look! [See pic below.]

Why, thank you very much, that’s very kind of you.  I’ve started putting my hair up in great big rollers before shoots, so that I get either curls, ringlets or messy waves, depending on how successful I’ve been at putting the rollers in.

I mostly started doing it because the BDM loves it, but it’s also kinder to your hair, girls, than straightening it.  Apparently.  And because I quite often have strange stuff done to my hair for non-BDSM modelling jobs, I want to be kind to it when it doesn’t absolutely HAVE to be backcombed and crazy (Oooh, the demon hair was 100% weird!).

amelia jane rutherfordEying the evil leather strap, Amelia, sporting her beautiful new hair style, strikes a pose in this delicious Firm Hand Spanking video.

But since my hair, when left to its own devices, tends to look like a massive bushy wilderness (like Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter, but blonde) I have to do something with it.   Lordy, I could go on about hairstyles forever, sorry, I’ll stop.

Some time ago, you said, quite memorably, that you forgot to update your blog, because, well, apparently, that you sometimes forget that you have a blog….[is that a spankable offense?]…Anyway, I’m wondering, does that happen often? Hopefully not as your blog is always a true pleasure to read and enjoy.

Whoops, it does happen quite often.  I honestly stand in awe of anyone who manages to blog regularly and intelligently.

I absolutely fail in that regard, to me it seems that being a spanking model leaves absolutely no time for blogging about being a spanking model.  Which can’t be true because other people seem to manage it.

What on earth am I doing with my time?  Putting my hair in rollers and getting lost at airports and baking cakes, I suppose.  Shame on me.  But I do quite often write blog posts in my head.  Which isn’t much use, sorry!

Thank you for your time Amelia Jane and have a happy New Year!

amelia jane rutherford spanking otk[A classic still, one of my all-time faves, from Shadow Lane’s classic “As Tears Go By”]

P.S. Check out some AJR classic spanking films available for instant On-Demand viewing and enjoy!

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  1. Nice interview! Amelia is one of my favorite spanking models, she’s beautiful and 6 foot tall, like me! 🙂 (The tall part, lol.) Yay for tall bottoms!

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