Exclusive! The Office Spanking Parody by Mr. Hyde

PhotoShop spanko wizard Mr. Hyde is back again with a new fab creation featuring Jim spanking Pam, two characters from the sitcom “The Office.”  Sweet!  I’m hoping his next work will feature Robert California [as played by James Spader!] spanking the gorgeous secretary on the show [forgetting her name at the moment]….how perfect would that be? Anyway, thank you Mr. Hyde!

* * *

CHERRY RED MOVIES: Need to get those spanko senses tingling? Check out some Editor’s Picks over at CherryRedMovies.  I also posted a special page of butt-blazing video clips over Here.  In other movie news, recently happened across an intriguing looking Amelia Jane Rutherford film I had not heard of, called Revision which features seasoned spanker Miss Brown.  AJR looks quite divine otk in her white panties, as you shall see below:


* * *

CHERRY RED SPANKY PIX:  Check out this delicious new gallery with free vid clips from Firm Hand Spanking — interestingly, one of the sizzling scenes features Amelia Jane showing off her Toppy side. Lovely!  [In case you missed it, Amelia was recently interviewed on this blog Here.]

The amazing Chelsea Pfeiffer stars in the latest scene from Sarah Gregory’s website. And Chelsea ends up strapping the hides of Ten Amorette, Jenni Mack and Sarah Gregory.

From Clare Fonda: Veronica and Missy get their spank on.

Clare spanks the beguiling Leia Ann Woods

Ms. Ricci learns a painful lesson

No spanking here but some extremelyyyyyy hawt spankable hawtness: From the amazingly addictive high-end premium erotica site X-Art, we have the highly spankable Caprice frolicing at the beach. *swoon* And Katy shows off some amazing pajamas and other things. Of course, there is Francesa in just her t-shirt ‘n’ panties.

Check out the new and vintage classics playing now at CherryRedMovies:

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3 thoughts on “Exclusive! The Office Spanking Parody by Mr. Hyde”

  1. Erin is the name of the secretary in the office. I never watched the show until James Spader joined the cast and now I haven’t missed an episode. 🙂 No spanking scenes yet though. Sigh.

  2. Pam’s head looks to be a little large for her body. Mr. Hyde usually does a better job of matching things up. (His Russell Brand spanking Katy Perry is superb!) Still a fun offering, though….

    Dr. Ken

  3. Love the photoshop. Having done several photoshop projects through the years… like yourself… know how hard it is to come even that close.

    ~Todd and Suzy

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