Cherry Red Spotlight: Clare Fonda’s Strict Tutor

 clare fonda spanking film strict tutor

What up my spanky peeps? [I SO love that pic above.]

We here at CRR HQ wanted to take a closer cherry red look at the must-see 1950’s stylized, retro-themed spanking drama “Strict Tutor,” now playing on Girl Spanks Girl, and starring the tushy-tanning trifecta of Lilia Spinoza, Mary Jane and Veronica Ricci, and featuring the deliciously stern Miss Morgan — and, of course, the inimitable Clare Fonda.  BTW the film is also available via Clare’s multi-site pass.

In a nutshell, Clare plays a stressed to the max Mother who hires a delightfully firm Tutor, pictured below, armed with old-fashioned ideals in a possibly futile attempt to tame Clare’s willfully naughty daughters.

clare fonda spanking

>>>To whet your spanko appetite, you can enjoy a some fabtastic foto galleries from the film: Gallery 1.  Gallery 2Gallery 3.  And this one is my favest: Gallery 4.

Included below are some behind-the-scenes insights from Clare’s long-time lensman, as well as from Clare herself.

Clare Fonda’s documentarian of the derriere, who is simply known as “The Camerman,” offered CRR some behind the scenes info:

“I loved the location for the Strict Tutor spanking film.  A house was rented and Clare wanted a retro feel to the scenes.”

“And shooting in that house made it easier for me to oblige.  The only disadvantage was going up and down the stairs for re-lighting scenes, and me being a crew of one.”

“Veronica Ricci is one of my all time favorites and it was great having her on this big shoot.  She has a great sense of humor and helps to keep things light when shooting quickly.”

“Mary Jane and Lilia were also fantastic!  I have worked a great deal with Mary Jane and am sure that will continue. And Lilia is fairly new, but will be joining the My Spanking Roommate site as a new regular.”

Clare Fonda provides her thoughts on the Strict Tutor film:

“I play a frustrated mother of two beautiful daughters who look nothing alike: Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza.”

clare fonda hairbrush spanking otkAwesome photo! PJ’s peeled down, Lilia learns a sizzling lesson otk via the hairbrush while Veronica and Mary Jane await their turn.

“Although the video is set to a 1950’s vibe, it seems that I must have had two different baby daddies!  Both girls are, however, very gorgeous, submissive and spankable, but starting to develop some bad habits. Although I correct them with OTK discipline, they keep pushing their luck.”

“This is where Miss Morgan comes in to play the Strict Tutor, and she is delightfully firm with the girls, providing mom with more than enough support. She has another student, our girl Mary Jane, and Lilia and Veronica join the small study group and shape up fast.”

“We included many requested elements in the video, such as pajama spankings and tight 1950’s style skirts that emphasize the punished bottoms. Miss Morgan was very cool to work with.”

clare fonda girl spanks girl

“She understands the scene, of course, being a real-life spanking enthusiast who offers professional sessions. Though she has a naturally confident demeanor, she brought no ego to the set and we all loved her. I think anyone lucky enough to play with Miss Morgan would know just what I mean. Like many real-life subs, she can bring much authority to the (video) screen.”

“Our bottoms did a beautiful job in this story and Lilia was especially cute, as between scenes she seemed a little clumsy in a pair of 1950’s style high heels and was embarrassed about it, which made her even more charming.”

“Veronica showed us she has legs that go all the way up to her bum and Mary Jane even switched on Morgan.  I was also very happy with the Pajama Scene which is featured exclusively on the Girl Spanks Girl site as it is a main part of the Strict Tutor story. It’s always fun to wear PJ’s, as a top or a bottom (no pun intended), and I am sure Lilia was happy to be out of her heels!”

All pix courtesy of Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl.

The film is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site spanking pass:

clare fonda

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One thought on “Cherry Red Spotlight: Clare Fonda’s Strict Tutor”

  1. A hairbrush and a brat’s bare botty solves all problems ! Yes…Fantastic reporting Cherry Red, Strict Tutor is superlative. Clare Fonda is the essential cross mommy ! With her naughty daughters OTK with their PJS down and their tender botties bare ! The delicious brats get the “unbearable sting” on soft white skin and hop about and wait around in snug PJs. Gallery 4 and photo above…Just look at Lilia Spinoza’s chubby sensitive white botty, nasty hairbrush and fab pink PJs above ! Is there ever a better “good smacked bottom my girl” photo ? Plenty of naughty swelling bums in cotton PJs, three yummy soft bare white botties ! (Unfortunately ..LOL… exposed by Clare ) And red sore ones ! It’s realistic, domestic and simple 1950s stuff Sooooo wonderfully brought to life via our strict heroine Clare !

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