What Every Keyboard Needs

*Found this image floating around the Interwebz. Kudos to whoever created this spanky graphic.

*  *  *

Have you seen the newest sweetie over at Clare’s Spanked Sweeties? Meet Dylan Rose:

spanked sweeties clare fonda spanking*  *  *

Check out some cherry red hotness playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies:

cherryredmovies spanking on-demand*  *  *

Stay tuned for a follow-up cherry red Q&A with the unstoppable Pandora Blake discussing her new and very creative, highly original and highly intriguing Dreams of Spanking site. She dreams of spanking. Do you?

pandora blake dreams of spanking*  *  *

The Cherry Red staff is also feverishly working on a spotlight feature on the vintage deliciousness that is Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking Classics. There is something truly spanktastic about those older photos that simply can not be replicated.

chelsea pfeiffer goodspanking*  *  *

WARNING: No spanking here, but, be that as it may, perv over to new spankable eye candy galleries from St. Mackenzie’s and also a fresh, tasty new gallery from X-Art.  Hawtness. Ah yes, and some delightful daisy dukes pix here.

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2 thoughts on “What Every Keyboard Needs”

  1. Oh, do you think pushing a button like that would beckon a “Spanking Squad” (vs the Geek Squad)? Enter a secret code and voila: a team of professionals.


  2. Well, hmm, I’m not sure Pink; so I am installing this key on all computers at work, so we’ll see what transpires 😉

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