A Special Cherry Award for Best New Spanking Site: Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking

I dream of spanking.  Pandora dreams of spanking.  But thankfully, Pandora has put her dreams on film.  And they rock.

We here at Cherry Red HQ have decided to give a special, well-deserved “Cherry Award” to Pandora Blake and her terrific new site Dreams of Spanking.

[Check out an interview with Pandora here.]

As I’ve seen a zillion spanking sites over the years, you see, I’m reallyyyyyy difficult to impress, naturally — but, Pandora, I salute you and your team. Though the site just recently launched [though it was years in the making] it has absolutely caught my attention, and that of countless other spankos worldwide.

pandora blake over the knee spanking

The words that comes to mind are: refreshingly original. And classy.

Dreams of Spanking is breaking new ground in the spanking erotica industry on a variety of fronts, while providing a new site that is aesthetically wonderful, delightfully elegant and extremely interactive. The site features not only Pandora, but other spanking luminaries such as Zille Defeu and Amelia Jane Rutherford as well as up and coming male spanking stars.

Here are some of my cherry red thoughts, briefly speaking:

–It is the only site I have EVER seen that includes all genres, MF, FF, FM, and MM(!).  I think this is superb.  Pandora is courageously breaking down barriers with unprecedented cherry red awesomeness.

pandora blake spanking

–The diversity of scenarios is impressive: from historical-themed and romantic scenarios to a Shakespeare-themed production to more edgy and dark fare to even original audio spanking stories by Pandora, there is something here for everyone. If not, Pandora will probably consider producing it.

–The site is interactive on a level I don’t think I’ve seen before. Site members can leave feedback on Pandora’s blog or comments on the specific scenes right on the site itself and Pandora interacts with her fans. So there is a running and thoughtful dialogue and commentary on all the content.

–The quality of the videos and photos and costumes/outfits and shooting locations are top-of-the-line  i.e.  lovingly hand-crafted films featuring very high production values.

pandora blake spanking

–Behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, outtakes, bonus pix are included with every update.  This is extremely important and valuable, as it provides fascinating full access to our fetish, and offers site members an intimate look at the inner-workings of a spanking site, and to the kink, itself.

–Pandora’s practices of consensual and ethical production values and fair-trade including fair pay for all actors, both M and F, are second to none, and have raised the bar of ethical, safe, and fair production to a very high level in the adult industry.

–Pandora’s writings on all aspects of this kink on her blog and website are highly insightful and thoughtful in such a lovely, charming, intelligent way, that I only dream that I could express myself like that, so eloquently.

Well, I probably could go on, but those are my main thoughts in a nutshell.

Congratulations to Pandora and Dreams of Spanking !

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4 thoughts on “A Special Cherry Award for Best New Spanking Site: Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking”

  1. Wow… I’m not sure what to say. I was really chuffed to receive the award, but this review has made me blushing and speechless. Not only because of the affirming positive feedback, but because you pick up on all the aspects of the site which are closest to my heart, and it’s amazing to discover that others share my values about what good spanking porn should be trying to achieve. Thankyou. 🙂

    “There is something here for everyone. If not, Pandora will probably consider producing it.”

    Haha, yes! The downside of being a producer with submissive tendencies – you end up trying to please everyone 😉 Perhaps I should put together a special requests section? I wonder how that would work – a web contact form? A regular blog feature inviting people to submit ideas? *brain starts to tick…*

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