The Top 10 Most Popular Shadow Lane Films Playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies

What up my spanky peeps. I love Top 10 Lists.

Thusly, we here at CRR HQ were curious to see the Top 10 most popular butt-blazing Shadow Lane movies that are playing now at CherryRedMovies.  Spanky biz pioneers Shadow Lane currently has close to 130 vids playing on-demand, and it’s always fascinating to see which titles resonate the most with spankos.

And we shall observe forthwith a few recurring popular themes: sex and spanking; mega compilations; romance, spanking and sex; lesbians spanking each other; lots of anal play; sex and cherry redness.  And sexy hawtness. Well, I say, it’s all good.

[I’m miffed that Amelia Jane Rutherford’s stand-out performance in the wonderfully named “As Tears Go By” is not in the Top 10!  I demand a recount.  OK well, it’s currently holding steady at #11. . . .]  I’m also surprised Double Feature is not in the Top 10, as the now legendary Georgia Gold scenes are among my all-time faves, and I posted a ways back a bloggystyle tribute to Georgia Gold, along with 3 tasty video clips.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the Top 10:

#1. No Ifs, Ands — Just Butts! Part Deux

shadow lane spanking videoCherry red enthusiasts love their mega compendiums and collections, and Shadow Lane is responding to the demand.  Part Deux features a mind-numbing 90 minutes of red ass goodness featuring 22 different spanky scenes.  No talk, no nonsense, just cherry reddening hawtness.

#2. Eve Howard’s Disciplinary Reviews

shadow lane spanking videoIn a brand new series, Shadow Lane founder Eve Howard steps from behind the camera for the first time in 17 years, and gets her spank on.  Fortunately two gorgeous hotties are on her naughty list with Eve playing a firm store manager in part 1, and a stern faculty advisor in Part 2.  Very cool to see Eve quite deliciously tanning some bodacious bottoms.

#3. The Doctor is In

shadow lane spanking videoFeeling feverish anyone? I heart doctor/patient scenarios and Shadow Lane gets a glowing review of good spanky health for this medicinal release. This one features anal play, temp taking, syringe enemas, oh yeah, and heaps of sizzling spanking.  And the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer plays strict Nurse Christie. The doctor is in!

#4. Sex and Spanking with Kailee and Seth

shadow lane spanking videoSpanking + sex = Win.  Shadow Lane knows it.  You know it.  The spanko nation knows it. I think I’ve had too much coffee. Hm. Anyway, this film features Kailee and Seth, who are a young, real couple and showcases scorching spanking and explicit sex scenes. Hardcore hawtness for those so included.

#5. Super Spanking Revue, Part 3

Shadow Lane’s description sums up this compendium quite wonderfully:  “A bulging collection of spanking highlights from our 33 most recent videos featuring 51 performers that will surely make an impact on you.   This super spanking sampler is the perfect introduction to Shadow Lane videos, with juicy bits from our most recent productions, covering everything we’ve shot from traditional spanking to X-rated naughtiness with toys and anal penetration all the way to spanking with conventional sex, oral sex and anal sex.”

“Meticulously edited, each video segment includes priceless moments from just about every scene we filmed between 2007 until the present, complete with action, reaction and the uniquely satisfying flavor of Shadow Lane spanking erotica.”

#6. Bed, Bad and Beyond

A clever play on words on the store “Bed, Bath and Beyond,” this steamy drama features delightful dialogue plus a butt-load of explicit sex play, anal play and more that is sure to please the fan of flaming fannies and dripping hot erotica.  And it stars one of the most popular porn stars on the planet: Amber Rayne. That box cover shot alone is gorgeous.

#7. No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts

The mega collection that started it all…. a bountiful collection of beautiful blushing bottoms.  Just the butts.  I believe 21 different butts.

#8.  Lipsick Lesbian – Domination Xtreme Spanking Edition

Featuring explicit sex, strap-ons, anal play and more, and, naturally, lots of burning hot bums, this mouth watering two part drama is a scorcher, starring Paris Kennedy and Dia Zerva. File under: Yum.

#9. Paddled and Possessed

Love that title. When you feature two veteran adult film super stars together in a romantic themed red-ass fest, Carolyn Reese and Tom Byron, and they are both real spankos, butt-blazing fireworks are bound to happen, along with XXX explicit sex.  Very romantic, very sexy–an especially fantastic film for couples.   [Check out a cherry red tribute to Tom Byron, as he’s starred in lots of spanking films.]

#10. Bad Girls

This vid might be my personal fav of the bunch, as it’s a domestic spanking scenario and I’m kinda pervy that way.  This film, starring Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James, also showcases once again the butt percussion skills of Tom Bryon playing a strict teacher in one scene, and a no-nonsense Dad in the second scene.  Love those pajamas in scene 2! [Check out a cherry red interview with Sarah Gregory.]

All movies above and thousands more are playing at:

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