Spanko Kitty

punishment cat

In other cherrytastic news, Clare Fonda over at Sweeties unveiled her newest Sweetie, a lovely lass by the name of Tracie.  Check out a free gallery here.  And another glowing hot gallery here.

clare fonda's newest spankable sweetie

In addition, Clare reports that two fave hotties, Nena and Alice Wonder [pictured below] have thusly made their triumphant cherry red return back to shooting spanky material, and you can check out a delightful gallery of that delicious shoot here.

[They apparently play gorgeous lesbians who get in trouble with “Momma Clare” for reasons that elude me at the moment.] Nena was last seen in the schoolgirl spankapalooza Exclusive Education 6.

alice wonder and nena spanked by clare fonda

Perv on over and check out what’s new at CherryRedMovies. [To give you a better taste, I’ve posted some free video clips from cherry red movies Here.]

cherryredmovies on-demand

No spanking here, but a new gallery of eye-candy hawtness from top-notch explicit high-end erotica purveyors X-Art.

I’m trying to arrange an interview with adult film superstar, and spanking enthusiast, Tom Byron. We’ll see what happens. . . . .

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2 thoughts on “Spanko Kitty”

  1. Not at all surprised that a cat would be a top. Cats are finicky, always get their way, and are hard to please. Sounds like some top qualities to me. 😉

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