Cherry Red Exclusive: The Top 10 Most Popular Janus Spanking Magazine Issues

We here at CRR recently asked the folks over at Janus Magazine [check out their newly revamped site at Janus World Wide] which Janus issues were their best-selling and most popular all-time.  And they sent me this intriguing Top 10 [actually top 11] list you see below, including some beautiful images of these truly classic, understated covers. [Check out a recently cherry red interview with Janus on this blog here.]

Janus book shop London
Janus book shop, London, circa late 1970's

Dear Readers: Which cover do you like the best? As always, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and encouraged.  [All text written by Janus.]

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Janus  19

janus spanking magazine

A schoolgirl Super Special Issue. This magazine, printed in 1983, has become a collectors “must have” and was sold out within a few weeks of it being launched. The main feature is Polly’s Punishment that is backed up with evocative drawings by Paula Meadows, a letter regarding private education in Glasgow and a photo story of a schoolgirl screen test.

Janus 20

janus spanking magazine

This classic edition featured the sensational Antonia du Bois who appeared in the Janus video “The Disciplinarian.”  The cover shows Antonia with tears running down her face with her hands on head.

The photo story, The Punishment Officer, features Antonia and Diane Parsons both of whom receive a punishment order that is carried out in true disciplinary style. Antonia also gave an interview that appeared in Janus 24. Richard Manton gives an account of past punishments in Budapest and there is an interesting letter from a Dutch girl about her punishment.

Janus 23

janus spanking
Janus 23 features the naughty and saucy Nicola Redway and Priscilla Waters. This was the first time they appeared and were so popular they appeared again in Janus 46, 48 and 68. It is fascinating to see them develop over the years and these magazines provide a great insight to these most beautiful and interesting young ladies.

Janus 28

janus spanking classic issue

This edition is a return to the Moral Welfare theme that was pioneered by Janus and became the subject of several  videos. A give away as to the era is that the three offenders feature a shoplifter, a delinquent schoolgirl and a punk rocker.

Janus 39

janus spanking magazine issue 39

Janus 39 has the alluring and mischievous Wendy East adjusting her school tie on the cover. Wendy was a hugely popular model who appeared on in the pages of Janus twice ack in 1985 (see also Janus 45).

Her first appearance was in this issue alongside Sarah  Denton seeing both girls called to the office of Arthur Jardine – head of a renowned corrective institution for 6th Form girls. Wendy receives a sound caning and the photo story captures some excellent impact shots (in those days these were very challenging)

Janus 53

A wonderful cover that features Sophie Fennington presenting a twin-tailed tawse with which she is thoroughly spanked by her husband Christian. Sophie appears in Janus 54 and 60 and was a true sensation at the time and starred in several Janus parties that were sell outs as well as numerous video productions.

Janus 122

spanking magazine janus
Air Hostess Annabel gives us a knowing sideways glance on this cover. ‘Air Hostess’ was the fourth in the Janus Uniform Series and Annabel really did look the part. She conceded that she did deserve the occasional smacked bottom.

Janus 134

janus magazine

The cover hints at the delights that await the reader inside the magazine. The model ‘Lisa’ was a very popular Page 3 model.  She used this photo shoot to take the brave step of revealing her interest in being spanked. She also appeared in a large photograph in the Janus shop.

Janus 139

janus spank magazine
This cover shows the delightful Tara Duncan. This shot shows  her looking back over her shoulder at Don Lambert clutching her bottom. He was telling her to bend back over but her eyes are fixed on the cane, which is about to be raised to deliver the next stroke.

Janus 148


Surprisingly, for the first time since Janus 5 the front cover pictures a young woman having her knickers pulled down. Serena Whitney was making her first appearance in the magazine (she returns in Janus 152) and, despite nudity (that was rarely featured on the covers) this makes a simple and effective image.

Janus 152

janus spanking magazine issue #152
This cover shows the shapely Helen Daniels have her bottom bared in the photo fantasy within the magazine “Coming a cropper.” Helen returned again in Janus issue 154.

[For more info, visit Janus World Wide.]

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4 thoughts on “Cherry Red Exclusive: The Top 10 Most Popular Janus Spanking Magazine Issues”

  1. I remember a few too, but mostly from seeing them on the top shelf of the newsagent. At the time I had neither the nerve or the funds to actually buy one. I did though find it very reassuring that there were clearly SOME other people out there who shared my interest in all things spanking…

  2. Janus Magazine! Thanks for the nice memories!
    We’ve come a long way from paying the equivalent of 30 or 40 Pounds for a magazine, although it was something I vaguely remember from the early 1990’s. Anyone remember paying £50-75 for VHS spanking tapes that were poorly made? Oh my! LOL!

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