Bat Spank: Art by Raf Marinetti

batman spanks batgirl art by raf marinetti

Art is by Raf Marinetti.[Thank you for the artist info Mr. Chross!]

Darkness overcame Gotham City.   A thick darkness.  The city slept a restless sleep.  But the plan had worked.  Batman slowly pulled the Bat-Paddle from his utility belt — ready to serve his own brand of blazing hot justice.  He was the judge.  Jury.  And punisher.  But why did Catwoman Batgirl arch her bottom so invitingly? And what did it all mean?

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5 thoughts on “Bat Spank: Art by Raf Marinetti”

  1. That’s Batgirl, not Catwoman. The costume and red hair make that clear. And she is obviously submitting to learn how to be better at fighting crime.

  2. “Holy Wooden Paddles, Batman!”

    I have seen this image on my trawl on t’internet for all things ass-tastic but can’t help with the artist’s name. Perhaps Herr Chross with all his resources could help?

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