Cherry Red Guest Columnist: Top 10 Highlights of the Year at Triple A Spanking

What up spanky peeps. We here at CRR asked Mr. Chief, who is the head spanko, primary perv and butt percussionist over at his site, Triple A Spanking, if he could submit his top ‘o the heap highlights of 2011 — and forthwith, he has included his cherry-tastic thoughts of tushies a glow, in reverse order, forthwith.

Highlights of 2011 written by Mr. Chief, of Triple A Spanking:

10. Kami Robertson in an otk spanking film called “Revenge of the Geek”

kami robertson spanked

I had this plot planned out in advance once I knew I was going to work with Kami and I know how argumentative she can be. So getting her to deny something she had done and then get punished for it made sense.

Now, as I am a genuine geek (I love all Sci Fi, especially Star Trek) I will bore anyone for hours if I can about the various Star Trek franchises… anyway, moving swiftly on, this was one of my first films I ever did with Kami, and spanking her jiggly bottom was a pure delight for me.

The storyline was a little daft, which I liked: a geek boyfriend getting his own back on his girl when he finds out she has sold all his precious Star Trek DVDs on eBay because she can’t stand them!

Often Life imitates art, as they say, and you will find many spanko stories are woven into a plot, so they give added meaning to me, for example, as my missus hates them with a passion.

9. Sarah Gregory with diva attitude in “What a brat!”

sarah gregory spanked

This was made when I had just realized during my film shoot that I hadn’t been involved with any of the films of Sarah as I was too busy directing the others — until I thought “hang on, this is Sarah, she’s at my shoot and I’m not spanking her?”

So that all changed immediately and this was a fun and spontaneous short sharp shock film which had some great banter as Sarah mocked my English accent and I just took it out on her wonderful ass with a very stingy composite paddle. I had to place her in my Top 10 and seeing this film brings back a great day filming with her. I hope to work with her again in the future.

8. Dani Hunt & Kami Robertson in “Disciplina Scholaris”

Disciplina Scholaris is Latin and literally means “Punishment at School” – not only did it feature these great spankees, but also the location was amazing, a sweeping staircase where we used it and the landing for some added humiliating aspects — as I callously ordered the girls to get undressed and do the walk of shame up the stairs after I had caned them both pretty hard if I say so myself.

7. An OTK film introducing Irelynn Logeen

This was the 3rd attempt to get Irelynn to appear as previous times we had to cancel or whatnot… so finally I got her to appear (alongside Leia Ann Woods which was great) – we had a nice city center apartment location we nicknamed our Firmhand shoot as they used to shoot in snazzy modern apartments.

Anyway, I was like the cat that got the cream with Irelynn over my lap, panties removed and I was finally spanking her bottom… months of frustration were at an end! The added bonus was that this was the very last time Irelynn did a film shoot so our remaining films we now have we will release sparingly. Irelynn was definitely worth the wait and so easily deserves a mention in my Top 10 published films so far.

6. Sophie’s very first spanking and a genuine introduction to a newbie

I love it when naughty porn stars can be persuaded to cross over and in my early conversations with Sophie before doing a shoot, I thought she was someone else to start with but I’m glad she was a genuine new girl to spanking and she did really well, despite her bottom flaring up, and it started to redden almost straight away even in this first film we did together.

I got her paired for the day with the lovely Jasmine Lau (who appears in this Top 10) as both girls had worked with the same British hardcore site, so the girls would have something in common on the set and they got on really well.

We filmed this at the start of October 2011 and it just happened to be about the hottest day of the year in England, we had to keep the windows shut of the place we had hired (as the owners lived next door… oops!)

If that didn’t make it memorable, then seeing Sophie’s ass turn red after two minutes did and to be honest, I didn’t hold back, she was there for a spanking shoot, and I wanted to ensure she knew what girls received… in fact Sophie wants to come back and do some more work, so looks like I have a convert.

5. Leia-Ann Woods calling me “Cake Boy”

leia-ann woods spanked

Leia-Ann and Irelynn arrived the night before our film shoot and we went out for a bite to eat. I just happened to make few trips to the all you can eat counter and got slaughtered on Twitter by Leia for being greedy and a “Cake Boy”!

Now I never forget, and the moment she tweeted this, I knew I had to include this in a film shoot we were doing the next day. And it was memorable for the fact I spanked her over my knee, then used various wicked toys at my disposal, including the new bath brush I had purchased (which all the girls hate) and my double thick heavy leather strap.

Only Leia so far has been brave enough to try that strap (she admitted it was evil and could do a lot of damage) – I still gave her a good strapping and of course, any Top 10 without Leia would be pointless, right?

4. Kami (again) and Jasmine Lau in “That’s my boyfriend”

These two were great together and I wanted to make a film with a twist so it was nice to see them both discussing boyfriends until boastful Kami shows Jasmine her new boyfriends texts… only it happened to be Jasmine’s boyfriend too! D’oh!

They fight and there’s a great pillow fight scene weplanned for them which worked out quite well, wrestling in PJs and much noise brings me in to find out what the hell is going on! Needless to say, I am unimpressed and both girls get punished on the bed.

Jasmine AND Kami?  I was lucky that day, and of course it was a PJ punishment film. I had the added bonus of spanking the girls and watching them fight on camera beforehand, I definitely plan to do more of these type of films.

3. So Top 3 starts with… another new girl Jenna Jay.

Genuinely so nice that you think “can I spank her?” But she is a genuine lifestyler and soon brats and quips back giving me any ample excuse to punish her and not feel guilty about it! There are about 3 or 4 films of her as these were taken from our last big film shoot end of last year.

So I thought I’d include the intro film as once again, I had difficulty trying to hide my grin as Jenna got over my lap, I removed her hosiery and spanked that lovely bottom of hers. She is definitely coming back for more, I hope.

2. The runner up is Kami Robertson in the film “Little Black Book”

I have chosen this film as it is published, there are others which, if they were out for release, I think could make her number one… but for now, check this one out. She was wearing a gingham dress and got a really hard caning, I gave her a session of long hard sustained strokes and she grimaced and took them –what a star!

Oh, and if anyone has seen the famous bottom wiggle that she does… it is so addictive, watch the films and you’ll see what I mean – she does it especially well in this film which is why it ends up as number two.

1. And the winner is Jasmine Lau in the film “Nothing Sexual”

This was a very funny film, I like to poke fun at myself and I certainly did in this movie as I play a trusting boss who lets Jasmine order the plane tickets for his vacation and she thinks she has done a good job by saving him money with the special non refundable tickets. She’s got the right times, only it’s the wrong destination.

How can Jasmine mix up Bermuda and Barbados? Hmmm… in an effort to rectify this, Jasmine offers herself sexually to Mr. Osborne, but he is horrified.

An old school disciplinarian, he is shocked and disgusted; however, he does offer some form of recompense, to thrash her, spank and humiliate the girl and she can pay off what she owes this way rather than some seedy tryst. “Wouldn’t he rather just fuck her senseless instead?” she asked.

Now, if that was made to any red blooded fella with no comeback… they’d probably do it, right? Just look at Jasmine, she is gorgeous! However, this is Mr Osborne… he doesn’t do this nonsense though he is getting more of a hypocrite this last year and is starting to check out the girls nether regions *sigh*

So, Trouser Arousal levels are at maximum for me in the film as I got to spank, grope and fondle Jasmine’s oh so pert cheeks as she asked whether this was sexual or erotic all the time whilst I make remarks to the camera involving the viewer… a very funny film and well worth checking out.

I loved making it, and I hope that shows. It had all the crew laughing and how the hell I got through this in one take I will never know!

It was nothing sexual… just erotic, OK?

*  *  *

For more info and to take a site tour, visit Triple A Spanking.

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