Glowing Hotness: Spank Art by Kami Tora; And CherryRed News

spanking art by kami tora

Recently happened across this Kami Tora masterwork in my Interwebby travels–believe it is an older illo by the famed fetish illustrator, but new to me.  Love the cherry redness.

In other cherry red news: in her first scene as a spankee since March of 2011, the pixilicious one herself, Amber Pixie Wells, makes her triumphant return on Punished Brats over the lap of Beverly Bacci as Joelle awaits her turn.

amber pixie wells spanked otk

For more pix and free preview videos, visit Punished Brats for more cherry reddening action.

* * *

The unstoppable spanker Mike on Spanked in Uniform punishes the unstoppable Kami Roberston in a real school gym, in “Punishment PE.” Wish my gym class back in the day was more like this.

kami roberston spanked over the knee* * *

When your boss is the iron-handed, hard-spanking Ms. Law, it would be a horrendously silly idea to even consider stealing money from her.  As seen in the latest from Bad Tushy, poor Kathy was apparently not thinking and gets her bodacious butt blazed….

badtushy * * *

The inimitable Chelsea Pfeiffer welcomes a new stunner to Good Spanking, by the name of Karina who pouts and brats her way to a gorgeously glowing, achingly hot ass by way of Chelsea’s seasoned punishment techniques.

chelsea pfeiffer spanks with a paddle

Oh my…will you look at that…..

* * *

Asian spanking site Cutie Spankee continues to impress — this image alone is certainly cherrytastic, in which a misbehaving patient gets a dose of discipline from her traditionally minded Doctor.

asian spanking and discipline at

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2 thoughts on “Glowing Hotness: Spank Art by Kami Tora; And CherryRed News”

  1. Great pics! This was too funny not to share. I actually have Ice Ice Baby playing in the background right now on my computer and as I scrolled to the end of your post in the “You might also like” section it shows “Ice, Ice Baby: Of Kami Tora and Pixie.” Lol!

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