Tight Ends: Superbowl Edition


sexy football babe

Go Patriots! Let’s get it done!

Not much into the big game today?  No worries.  Enjoy some piping hot CherryRedMovies Editor’s Picks. Tasty and cherry red fresh! [If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s also a special blog page of free video clips here.]

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3 Responses to Tight Ends: Superbowl Edition

  1. Lea says:

    Aww Dave, you are a Patriots fan? Just when I thought I really liked you. 😉 I don’t have much affiliation with either team being a long suffering Chargers and Chiefs fan. But with how many friends I have in the NY area, I’ve defaulted to cheering on their side today. I even made a message out of the leftover Peeps I had. 🙂


  2. cherryred says:

    hi Lea, It’s all true re: being a Pats fan. I’m in reality not a huge football fan however. Even though you are pulling for NY, I still like you 🙂 And very cute Peeps graphic btw lol.

  3. Chief says:

    I should be a Chiefs fan… lol!
    But the Patriots would be my #1 team… but I’m British so prefer the real sport of our football or a real man’s game… rugby!

    [waffle mode] In fact, I love the logo of the Cleveland Indians, but that’s another sport again (oops!) [/waffle mode]

    Oh, and stunning image.

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