Cherry Red Guest Columnist: Top 10 Best Selling Spanking E-Books at Blushing Books

We here at CRR are delighted to present guest blogger Korey Johnson, who works at spanking fiction E-Book purveyor Blushing Books as a special cherry red guest columnist….

I’m a very, very lucky girl. I remember when I was a young teenager I used to sneak onto the computer and then ignore the “be 18 or older” sign to read some spanking erotica.

And wouldn’t you know it? Thirteen years later, here I am—working in the spanking novel biz, and getting to read my little heart out. Shows good things happen to bad girls.

I get to see every sale go through, and I love seeing damn-good spanking novels selling well… But which story is selling well normally dies with me. No longer—Dave at CRR is letting me raise the curtain and show you what I see with a list of the Top 10 Best Selling Stories of 2011 — It’s a great way to say goodbye to last year.

spanking e-book blushingbooks10. The Serving Girl by Fiona Wilde
Alright, now—I’ll admit, if this was a movie, it’d be a chick-flick—the main hero would probably be played by Colin Firth in his Mr. Darcy prime. It’s Regency Period, it’s sexy, it’s sad, it’s got feeling, and it’s got spankings.

The story is pretty good-sized but I couldn’t actually put it down (literally… Let’s just say I let my morning coffee get cold). It’s actually really interesting because it tells two stories at once–so you sort of get two spanking adventures in one story.

Some of the spankings are a little on the harsh side and I appreciated the antics, and so did readers, that’s why it’s at #10.

9. Peace and Harmony by Paige Mallory
Spanking fanatics gotta love ’em some time travel. And here’s why—you gotta have the situation. You simply have to account for the “why is she letting him spank her without going for the cops” question in the non-consensual spanking genre.

Let’s face it, women used to get spanked in history—a lot—and those are times gone by that we were all born at the wrong time.

Hence the time-travel—spunky modern girl meets firm-handed Old-West cowboy whose open minded and doesn’t ask a whole lot of questions. I can’t get enough of it!

This story’s particularly cute—has sort of a Sarah-Plain-And-Tall angle, too…Only written with spankings like we always wished were in those books.

8. Searching For Pandora by Melinda Barron

I love spankings, but call me a traditionalist at heart, but I like me some raunchy sex action in books, too. Not to be too cliché, but this book sizzles like a flapjack on the 4th of July.

We have the owner of the strip club bringing the main character on a sexual awakening—that means BDSM, oral, servicing more than one man at the same time, having sex with her parents’ friends, etc.

And there’s actual discipline spankings in there, too. The plot doesn’t disappoint because it’s wrapped in a mystery that needs to be solved. A perfect concoction of a spanking novel.

7. Arrested by Love by Kathryn R. Blake
This story sold a hundred copies over its first weekend–it flew right out of the door, with reason. It has everything. It’s like a buffet table of spanking goodies. We have some domestic discipline, we have some BDSM, we have some age play roleplay and some master-slave built in.

Not only that, but it’s a romance with hints of a mystery, all bundled up in a hard-to-handle situation, so the plot will keep you interested even if the vast amount of spankings doesn’t.

Kathryn’s a brand-new author for us but I can say she’s coming along swimmingly.

6. Pets: Bebe’s Story by Darla Phelps
Okay, so I’m super-stoked to get to write comments about this story, because it rocks. I got majorly hooked on the first of the series, “Bach’s Story” and then I had to wait years for the last two installments: Pani’s Story and Bebe’s Story. Believe it or not, it was worth the wait.

This story is totally original, and even though there’s non-consensual ageplay in the series and that hits a chord with some, this book pulls it off because the aliens view humans as cute little mischievous pets that are in the need of a good bottom-warming, and they don’t mind dispensing it.

Talk about a story that will make your cheeks blush—if you haven’t gotten a “I feel naughty for reading this” feeling about spanking stories for a while, this is where you get that renewed. Sooo naughty.

Serious amounts of bottom-play too, which can never go amiss. Bebe’s story is the last of the series, but adds another delightful perspective several years after the Pani’s & Bachs stories. Start with Bach and end with Bebe, chili-pepper hotness all the way through.

5. I Take Thee Collection by Susan Joseph
This is actually a collection we rolled out this year that combined several older books. Get this–Christian Domestic Discipline. You want it? You got it.

This is a book of four stories about loving Christian couples making their way by keeping their naughty wives in line with some over-the-knee type discipline.

Not BDSMy at all, but you have to love the genre, the romance, and that “Oh, I wish I could have a relationship like that sort of feeling. (Unless you’re me, I have that.) Very, very cute series.

4. Home on the Range by Melinda Barron

Alright, here’s the goods on this story: we got a divorce that needs some good ol’ fashioned reconciling of the type we all enjoy.

And we have the best idea ever–a resort for women who want to be spanked. Genius.

And the characters are fun. I love a dissolved marriage-back-and-forthing until the female finally sees reason, call me old fashioned.

3. Where The Heart Is
The Lonesome Dove of Spanking Novels. This is actually a series, as well, and includes three books within it and proceeds a whole other volume of three stories.

They’re all set in the rough-and-tumble west, all with different situations, all  non consentual spankings, of course, and they’re abound.

You get your money’s worth here–big time. There’s so much story, and it’s addicting as hell.

2. So Not A Cowgirl by Starla Kaye

Hmmm. Okay, I’m one of those folk that think Starla Kaye walks on water. Nobody can write cowboys like Starla Kaye. Her heroes emit sexuality like a cologne; they’re so brutish, so rough… So everything.

And “So Not A Cowgirl” is one of my absolute favorites of all time. It sort of led me into loving this genre, and loving the author.

There’s something yummy about watching two people fall in love who really don’t want to — especially when the man spanks hard, and with mind-boggling consistency.

This book is no-fail, and our customers love to be pleased, which is why it’s number two.

1. The Unrequited Dom by Carolyn Faulkner

There are sp many reasons why this one’s at the number one slot. I mean, the situation’s hot to say the least.  We’re talking about a step-brother who has been disciplining and dominating his younger step-sister for years and her struggles to want to submit to him…

But at the same time she’s too damn innocent to enjoy having him get to the bottom of those desires she has to be dominated by him.

Lots of spanking, even a bit of the master-slave-complete-with-collar type of submission, but it’s still enough to appease the heart of the romantic — the romantic that likes the spankings to be steamy.

Another reason why it’s hot? It’s Carolyn fucking Faulkner. She knows how to write a damn good sex scene that will knock your socks off and our customers know it — that’s why reader salivate anytime that she comes out with a new book.

Her discipline narrative is just damn good, and damn thorough. You don’t read her spanking scenes, you experience them step by step. Oh-so-sexy, oh-so-numero-uno!

**For more info, check out BlushingBooks**


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2 thoughts on “Cherry Red Guest Columnist: Top 10 Best Selling Spanking E-Books at Blushing Books”

  1. Excellent post – I love finding new authors who write well, especially about our favorite subject!

    Out of this list I have only read the Pets series by Darla Phelps but will heartily agree that this series is fantastic. I particularly like to read Bach’s Story and Pani’s Story back to back on a cold rainy day; you don’t stay cold long. I actually didn’t care so much for Bebe’s Story, but it was nice to see the resolution to the ethical dilemma that is left hanging from the first two. Darla Phelps also writes as Maren Smith and Denise Hall and her books, under any of those names are fantastic and are all firmly in the spanking genre.

    While not not necessarily in the spanking genre, Joey W. Hill is another excellent author who very consistently delivers some hot spanking action and has an amazing back catalog to work your way through. I personally loved the Daughters of Arianne and the Vampire Queen series, but she has other contemporary work as well with strong BDSM elements.

  2. What a great post! I buy a pretty good amount of spanking fiction and have only one from this list so I have to go back and get the other 9! How I missed a new Carolyn Faulkner story I’ll never know but I will remedy that ASAP. Thanks

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