Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells on Bubble Gum, Zombies, Various Snack Products and More

Amber Pixie Wells of Punished Brats fameIt’s been quite some time, you see, since we here at CRR chatted with the inimitable Amber “Pixie” Wells of Punished Brats fame.

So we thought we’d discuss an array of topics and whatnot with this legend of the spanking world, and super person indeed — included below is the result, forthwith.

Also, please do check out Pixie’s fine blog Here.

Thank you kindly Pixie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. So what is the best way to kill a zombie?

Feed him Pop Rocks and Coca Cola until he explodes.

If you and Jesus had lunch, who pays?

Neither.  We’d multiply fish and loaves and make tuna sandwiches.

If you could be a snack item, which one would you want to be?

A chocolate vanilla swirl pudding cup – not too bland, not too kinky, and sweet through and through

You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?

Keep the land clean or get booted off the island.

Pixie spanked otk on PunishedBratsWhen’s the last time you ate a Hostess Twinkie?

It’s been a long time.  Probably sixth grade.

Have you ever impulsively bought something online, and then when the package arrives, you say “Whattttttt the heck was I thinking???”

amber pixie wellsYes.  I’ve made a couple purchases on Amazon very late at night when I was in a near sleep stupor and then didn’t even remember making them until they arrived in the mail.  I am now the proud owner of a very expensive garden soil tester.

Does anyone call you The Pixienator?

You do.  🙂

What was your favest TV show growing up as a kid?

I loved “Saved By The Bell.” Quality programming.

Bubblicious vs. Bubble Yum?

Tough one.  I think Bubblicious beats Bubble Yum only because they have more flavor varieties.  They both have a good consistency and the regular kind is still made with all sugar, not a blend of real and artificial sweeteners as was the downfall of my beloved Juicy Fruit.

Are Pixies mythical creatures of folklore, or are they real ?

Totally real.

Do you sing in the shower? if so, what songs?

I do if I’m in the house alone.  I’ll usually sing whatever annoying song is stuck in my head that day.

pixie spanked with a hairbrush on punishedbratsWhat actor would you want to play you, in the movie version of your life?

Amanda Seyfried

Have you ever made a puppet out of a sock?

Only in fourth grade girl scouts.  Mine had orange hair and starred in a music video.  I wonder if I got a badge for that.

If you were the lead singer of a heavy metal band, what would be the name of the band?

I think “The Pixienators” has a good ring to it.

Why does it appear that many superheroes are, apparently, wearing their underwear on the outside?

Because they’d be way too cold flying around in their underwear without tights on underneath.

amber pixie wells of punishedbratsIf someone wrote your biography, what would the title be?

If it was a full biography detailing both my Pixie and vanilla personas, I’d say “Secret Sides” would be a pretty good title.

Do you ever talk to yourself? and if so, what was the last thing you said ?

All the time.  I tend to either list out the tasks I need to accomplish or criticize something I’ve done wrong.  So it was likely either something like “got to water the plants” or “dumbass.”

Do you have a secret talent? if so, what is it?

I can cross my eyes and lift one corner of my lip like Elvis.  It’s frightful so it’s a talent best not shared.

What is the song on your ipod [or cd collection] that you are most embarrassed to admit having?

I downloaded a whole bunch of ABBA songs after watching Mamma Mia.  Good movie, but yeah, I’d rather not have ABBA pop up on my playlist when listening with friends.

Thank you for your time Pixie! 🙂

For more on Punished Brats, click below to visit their website.

punishedbrats spanking site starring amber pixie wells


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  1. Who knew SCREECH would become the break out star of that show? 🙂
    “Dancing Queen” is a very popular song choice among the really drunk karaoke singers! 🙂

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