OMG It’s a Caption Contest! ! Enter to Win a 1-Month Pass to SpankedSweeties

What up spanky peeps and spankettes?  You see, it’s been wayyyy too long since the last Cherry Red Caption Contest, so please if you will observe below the photo of the unstoppable Clare Fonda and the highly spanktastic Alannah Rae….

Simply enter your suggested fun, silly, whimsical, goofy, whatever caption/dialogue in the comments section.  My illustrious editorial committee and assministrator will thusly choose a winner who shall forthwith receive a 1-month pass to Clare’s flagship website SpankedSweeties Have fun!

clare fonda spanking alannah rae on spankedsweeties

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27 Responses to OMG It’s a Caption Contest! ! Enter to Win a 1-Month Pass to SpankedSweeties

  1. Chris Jackson says:

    Clare: But I’m your mother you can’t spank me.
    Alannah: Ya I know, and I’m totally going to spank you way harder than you ever spanked me.

  2. Lea says:

    Alannah: “Little does she know, I have my kevlar panties on today!”

    Clare: “Little does she know, those panties won’t be staying on for long…”

  3. Jerry says:

    Alannah: I can’t help it that I have a lot of boyfriends, they like pretty girls like me.

    Clare: Well good. You’ll be prettier after you’ve been spanked!!

  4. James says:

    OH please honey I am sorry, for wrecking your car, Moms do not get spanked.

    Mom ; you told me no one is too old for a spanking, now get those panties off; NOW!

  5. TJ says:

    But miss fonda I just came straight from my college class to work I didn’t have time to put my uniform on thats why i’m wearing jeans.
    clare: Oh thats quite alright dear apparently our little talk about the dress code the other day didn’t get through to you. so now you can just take those jeans down and get over my knee and we’ll see if a good old fashioned spanking changes your attitude.

  6. Trish says:

    Clare: Alannah, your tush is getting bigger!

    Alannah: So get a bigger paddle!

  7. childofpluto says:

    Clare: I’m so tired of having to spank you…

    Alannah: WHAT?!

  8. cameraman says:

    I’m not entering the competition, just telling you what they probably were really thinking (sorry):
    ALANNAH: I hope she doesn’t mark my ass again. I have a glamor shoot tomorrow. Hey, I wonder if she noticed my boob job?
    CLARE: I hope I remembered to bolt the double lock on my front door so that my 22 pets don’t get out. Hey, her boobs look bigger than mine.

    • Clare Fonda says:

      Okay this is the best ever!!!! HAHA… fucking A.. The Cameraman is psychic and that is probably exactly what we were thinking except one thing- was not filmed at my house so was not worried about MY pets.. haha- gotcha!

  9. Clare: Alnaah, go get my hairbrush, then get those jeans down, and get over my lap! you were warned not to skip classes, young lady!!

    Alannah: b-b-but Mom, I’m too old to be spanked!

    Clare: Oh, Really!!! We’ll see about that!

  10. Alexis Steele says:

    Clare: “ANOTHER wet spot on this couch!” That’s IT…You’re going to the convent!

    Alannah: “Mom! You drunken fool. YOU peed the couch last night…AGAIN!!!”

  11. A Comedy of Errors

    Rae: “Mommers, I’ve wrecked the car, burned down the garage, broken the dishwasher, smashed the TV…and now I fear that I have stretched out this borrowed shirt with my voluptuousness.”

    Fonda: “My favorite red shirt?! Ruined? Jeans off, and fetch the paddle!”

  12. Alex says:

    Clare: When will these girls learn?…
    Alannah: When is she gonna REALLY give it to me?

  13. Collegeboy says:

    Alannah: “See! If you bend back a bit like this, they stick right up and out.”

    Claire: “Sweetie… that’s why I have back problems now.”

  14. Clare: I’m so sick of her behavior I don’t know what to do anymore.
    Alannah: I know she aint thinking about spanking me. I’m grown!

  15. imreadonly2 says:

    Claire (glazed): “Panties…hairbrush…down panties…hard lesson.”

    Girl (thinking): “Damn! If I had known Aunt Clare was drinking again, I would never have bothered to break curfew!”

  16. imreadonly2 says:

    Claire: “Ommmmmmmmmmm….”

    Alanah: “I don’t care what the Dalai Lama says. These ‘Buddhist Meditation Spankings’ are for the birds.”

  17. wordsmith says:

    Claire: “I want this sofa Alanah. One more comment from you and our nice salesman here is going to see your butt smacked hard!”
    Alanah: “Oh well done Auntie, his eyes were already stuck to my chest, now he has a big bulge in his trousers!”

  18. tim says:

    Alana ,my botty is bigger now mommy to Clare ,Yes my dear there is more for me to spank,thank you dear girl ,Clare answers her,best,Tim.

  19. christa says:

    Clare: i am your mother, and i am sick that you always come home late and with bad grades. Allanah: so what, your my stepmother and there is nothing you can do about it. Clare: if you want to live under my roof, you will need to obey my rules. so get that smug look of your face, and get over here for your sound spanking.

  20. Michael says:

    Claire: Now that your father is gone, its up to me to discipline you. Get over my knee.

    Alannah: No Way! I used to spy on you two when you’d spank dad and you enjoy it waaaay too much.

  21. Clare Fonda says:

    Oh My God these are all so cute and funny . You are in for a hard time picking a winner, Dave. Cute, funny and sick as hell.

  22. cherryred says:

    🙂 🙂

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