The Dynamic Duo of Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht

Thanks all for the fantastic caption contest submissions in the latest contest sponsored by Clare Fonda–my assminstrator will be helping me select a winner shortly. 

In the meantime, Sarah Gregory sent me several highly intriguing cherryred-tastic photos of herself posing with Dana Specht.  Though you might dig ’em as much as I do…..

sarah gregory and dana specht

dana specht and her spanking hairbrush

A few more pix after the jump…..

sarah gregory and dana specht

sarah gregory spanked and sent to the corner

dan specht and sarah gregory spanking

For more, visit Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht.


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4 thoughts on “The Dynamic Duo of Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht”

  1. Oh to be standing in front of either women who are not only wielding two formidable wooden paddles, but both are wearing sexy glasses! 🙂

    And how I soooo much love the anticipation of a tight jeans clad bottom-either mine or someone else’s about to get “taken to school” by a stern top. LOVE these pics! 🙂

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