Short-Shorts Plus Spanking Equals Epic Epicness

Unh….Gawd I love short-shorts.  And that whole otk thing.  The producers at SpankingSarah justtttt updated their site with this exquisitely sizzling short-shorts and spanking gallery that is quite hawt, which got ye olde spanko senses tingling.  This simple, classic icon of asstastic fashion is a special weakness for this blogger, and thusly we have sassy stable girl Kiki, clad in diminutive denim and wicked cute cowgirl boots, receiving her traditional comeuppance from Sarah’s seasoned hand of discipline. . .

Also check out a short HiDef preview vid Here.   And enjoy the cherry redness.

spanked in tiny short-shortsfile under: hawtness.

All pix courtesy of SpankingSarah

P.S. A few other truly timeless short-shorts & spanking galleries:

P.S.S.  Check out these masterful short-shorts/spanking pix from Chelsea Pfeiffer, among my favest eva’

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3 Responses to Short-Shorts Plus Spanking Equals Epic Epicness

  1. tim says:

    Sarah is a lucky girl to get to spank this pretty girl in those shorts and over panties and bare botty ,best,tim.

  2. Dr. Ken says:

    Indeed, good sir, I do believe you have achieved Epicnocity…

    Dr. Ken

  3. wordsmith says:

    Made the mistake of clicking through to the full set…shorts…gulp

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