Spank Me: Art by Eric Basaldua; And CherryRed News

Illustration by Eric Basaldua aka Ebas

Unh… Exquisite illo by professional illustrator Eric Basaldua, aka “Ebas.”  Gawd, look at those diminutive denim short-shorts.  Spank my ass if I’m wrong, but don’t think he’s done any actual butt-blazing illos. Perhaps someday. . . .

*  *  *

And now a bit of Cherry Red News: Cool new release from Shadow Lane, now playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies, that looks quite intriguing, spankastically speaking, Sorority Hell Week!

new spanking video from Shadow Lane: Sorority Hell Week*  *  *

First blog birthday: my other blog Spanking4Men, focusing on the male end of the cherryred spanko spectrum, is approaching its 1-year blogiversary. It’s chock full of artwork, graphix, pix and more. So do perv on over and say hello. MM blog*  *  *

Marked Butts is featuring some intriguing releases, showcasing an array of models and hard tushy-tannings, with heaps of free video samples, to whet your red-ass appetites.

The exquisite screengrab above is from my favest Marked Butts update from a waysssss back, featuring the amazing “Angie.”  And below, a newer update; mm, I so love tight-jeans spankings. . .

*  *  *

From the ever inventive and unstoppable Pandora Blake, we have the first video with, that I’ve ever heard of, a spanked for not recycling theme.  Basically, be green OR get a red ass. It’s that simple. [Here’s another awesome gallery from Pandora.]

a hard spanking for Pandora Blake*  *  *

Have you seen Amelia Jane Rutherford on Sarah Gregory’s site?  Have a look here at some yum piccies.  And more panties-down pix here.

a spanking for schoolgirl Amelia Jane Rutherford*  *  *

In other spankables news, hm mmm this gallery is hawtness. Daisy dukes are rockin’! Those daisy dukes are simply perfect.  Life is good.

*  *  *

Random thoughts but wish BadTushy could bring back Zoya, one of their hottest models eva’, IMHO.


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  1. Maggie says:

    Nooo, I missed the Spanking4Men blogiversary?! Happy anniversary, and congratulations!!! Quite the achievement 😀 I really hope you’re doing well, and enjoying this GORGEOUS Mass weather! <3

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