Spank Me Father, For I Have Sinned

A highly intriguing image that gets the spanko senses tingling. Not clear where this pic is originally from.

* * *

——>In other news…….

The first part of the delicious Clare Fonda + Odette spanking vid is now playing on Spanked Sweeties, and it’s a cherry red sizzler.  I’m digging Odette’s skimpy shorts, which, obviously, shall not stay on long.  Momma’ Clare is gonna’ teach this mischief-making minx a valuable lesson. . . .

>>>>Visit Spanked Sweeties to watch this video now, and to enjoy more spankin’ red hawtness.

A few tasty and new titles playing at CherryRedMovies:

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2 thoughts on “Spank Me Father, For I Have Sinned”

  1. Yes, many a naughty woman has gone into the confessional booth, in their church, to confess their sins. And some have found themselves over the good father’s knee, where he spanked their bare botoms, and rightly so.

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