Clare Fonda Is Retiring?!?! Say It Ain’t So!

We here at CRR HQ are reeling at the recent news that the spanking legend herself, Clare Fonda aka: “Momma Clare” is leaving the spanking scene to pursue other fetishistic endeavors.

However, her growing network of sizzling spanky sites including her flagship site, Spanked Sweeties, will remain cookin’ hotttt cherryred style under the skilled and seasoned helm of her longtime Cameraman, along with a host of new female Spankers.

The Cameraman btw is also no stranger to punishing, quite firmly, naughty sweeties himself.   [You can also check out an interview from 2010 with Clare’s Camerman]

Anyway, it’s wicked sad news for longtime admirers of Momma Clare, but we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

Hot-off-the-press news direct from Clare Fonda herself:

“I am leaving the world of spanking. It is strictly a business decision my partner, The Cameraman, and I have come to after working together for 12 years.  Basically, our sites have grown to a point that I need to spend more time with marketing and less time shooting so it makes sense that I head up our Diaper Department and he handles spanking.

Clare Fonda is leaving the spanking scene...but not the fetish scene.

“We have been working very hard for the past six months to make sure this transition is handled smoothly and believe me, we have shot a lot of very hot and fresh spanking content including working on a whole new site.

“It has been intensive and resulted in some great work, but it is better for me to now deal with the diaper empire while The C-man focuses on the hard action and gorgeous spanking models our sites have become known for.

Clare Fonda spanks her naughty daughter on SpankedSweeties

“I feel that our company grew each year in terms of our wonderfully supportive member base and realistic spanking scenes- and most of that is owed to The Cameraman.  I have a lot to say on a personal level this weekend which I will combine with the premiere of a brand new spanking site – but for now I am confirming that my last day as Clare Fonda, spanking switch, “Momma” to many, will be April 15th…

“And  while you will see my work as a top and occasional sub for a long time on our Clare Fonda Pass network (Believe me when I say we shot a hell of a lot of hot shit) my new permanent home will be on

“The Cameraman and I are very happy how this has worked out and he has been hiring some beautiful Dommes that have been smacking hard . This weekend I’ll be sharing some special pictures and probably blubbering a little as I say bye on my blog.  Thanks for taking the time to read the post and to everyone who is is asking, reporting or even wondering. The Cameraman and I want everyone to know we appreciate the support!”

*  *  *

>>>>>>>p.s.  She may be retiring from the spanky scene, but there’s lots of new preview piccies and galleries to perv over to and enjoy:

p.s.s.   You can also watch a bunch of Clare Fonda films On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

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3 thoughts on “Clare Fonda Is Retiring?!?! Say It Ain’t So!”

  1. sorry to see another great lady leave the spanking world. i never got the chance to meet her in person,but i still feel like i know her,and she will be missed. i wish her nothing but the best.

  2. Oh that is just tragic news! At least her sites will continue to operate and set a standard in the online depictions of hot hard spankings. Maybe Clare will also make an occasional guest appearance and I have no doubt that the sites will continue to perform to their usual high standards as the same creative team are behind them.

  3. Yes i wish Clare the best she has established excellent sites and the cameraman will continue to give us great content with the beautiful girls,i have joined the new one Spanked Sorority Girls which is very good with lovely Veronca Ricci and other girls such as Kat who is spanking other girls ,best ,tim.

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