Cherry Red Exclusive: Catching Up with Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer with her spanking hairbrushWhat up spanky peeps. My trusty assministrator reminded me that CRR had not chatted with the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer, of Good Spanking fame, in a ways — so we gave her a shout and below is the 411 with what’s new on Planet Chelsea.

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Thank you Chelsea for taking the time to chat with CRR.  How are you doing these days?

I’m doing very well. Thank you!

I was wondering with all the gorgeous bottoms that you cherry redden, does your hand ever get tired or not really?

Not really. I mean it’s more like my shoulder gets tired 😉 That’s what implements are for.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks a naughty girl otk

Indeed! So how did you end up working with the bodacious adult film star Dani Daniels on Good Spanking [GS] ?

Sinn Sage brought Dani Daniels over for a Sinn Sage shoot and we were charmed, to say the least, and rushed to have her back for GS as soon as we could get her.

What’s it like having her awesomeness over your seasoned lap? And it looks like she was introduced to most of your toys?

It was great having Dani over my lap. She’s very beautiful and responsive. She’s very genuine. Her personality is as warm as her bottom became. She didn’t meet quite all of my toys, not even most of them, but she chose her implements wisely. She couldn’t afford to be marked and, happily, we avoided that. I can’t wait to have her back!

What have been some other recent highlights on GS?

The recent story with lovely Ten Amorette, “Ten Promises,” was really good. She’s so hot and we had a great time with the plot. Mei Mara’s Chelsea Spanks session was amazing, too. (We’re trying to get her back, too, and will very soon.) Sophie Nova’s “Cheese Board Incident” video was fun and hot. We’ve got more coming all the time!

Chlesea Pfeiffer spanking a naughty girl over the knee

Who have you not worked with as of yet, that you would like to someday?

I would love to work with Addie Juniper sometime when she’s out our way. There are too many to name.



Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Sinn Sage

Good Spanking Classics is looking fab — what’s it like archiving and enjoying and posting all those classic images and vids? Those “vintage” images def. have a certain exquisite look and feel about them that is hard to replicate….

Thanks! I have a lot of fun going over the earlier work and reposting it for people who missed seeing it when it was taken down, or people who’ve never seen any of it before.

Spanking star Chelsea PfeifferSometimes (actually kind of a lot) I wonder where so-and-so might be these days, etc. I find the stories that I wrote back then still fun, but I’m a bit of a better writer now. I find mistakes and think, “What was I thinking?”

As to the photos, the look of them is distinct because they were shot for magazine publication.

The Internet part came a couple of years into production and didn’t alter the way we photographed much until recently.

Now we like to have both actual still photographs and photo grabs. There are certain qualities in the grabs that you can’t replicate in posed stills and visa versa. So we want to have both available.

What are your thoughts on the news that Clare Fonda is “retiring” from the spanko biz to pursue other fetish pursuits?

I’m glad that she’s decided to do whatever she really wants to do. If you’re not having fun at it, it isn’t worth doing. I don’t think that if she were having a great time, she’d have “retired.” It is a business and it is work. So, if you’re not lovin’ it I can see how the work can become a grind.

And were you surprised at this announcement from Clare?

chelsea pfeiffer of goodspanking fameAt first, yes. But, knowing Clare I realized that she never meant for this to be her life’s work forever.

Any other cherryredtastic news and such in the pipeline that we can look forward to on GS?

Always. There’s always something new. That’s the nature of the beast, as they say.

Down the way, we’re hoping to get some site redesigning completed.

Also, we’ve just relocated our offices and will need some time to simply adjust to our new surroundings. Get fully unpacked and organized, you know? We pulled the move off in one day, had the computer techs in the next and were up and running right away. We haven’t had time to really organize, yet. Bonus? We FINALLY will have a new set for shooting videos :-).

Sounds sweet! Thanks much for your time Chelsea!

You’re very welcome. Anytime!

All pix kind courtesy of Chelsea Pfeiffer and GoodSpanking.

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  1. Great interview with lovely Chelsea she is great at what she does and she spanks beautiful young girls so welland they sometimes spank each other ,.Hope that young Sinn keeps her site as a membership site as well as i am a keen member of hers please do Sinn for your many fans Sinn please ,best wishes to all from ,Tim..

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