The Discipline Doctor Is In: Paddled, Pleasured & Purged

 Madison Young gets an enema

In the mood for some glowing hot spanking and scorching hot anal play? I thought so.

Then perv over to “Paddled, Pleasured and Purged,” a feverish, dripping wet, sizzlingly spicy, and explicit ShadowLane production now playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

The film stars Madison Young as a frazzled stressed out Mom who makes the spanktastic decision to visit a disciplinary clinic for a dose of stress-relieving cherry red discipline, spanking, enemas, anal exams and more deliciousness. The doctor is in.

Shadow Lane spanking filmAs Shadow Lane explains, in this highly detailed synopsis that I enjoyed almost as much as the film, itself: “Over-worked, over-wrought and under-appreciated, young mother Karen Just (Madison Young) visits the Braemar Discipline Therapy Clinic to receive a stress relieving treatment….

“The session commences with a bracing spanking from Clinical Therapist Eve Howard and a subsequent examination, spanking, anal discipline session and detoxifying enema from the strict and thorough Dr. Ramsay (Larry Selden).

Shadow Lane anal discipline and spanking film

“What anal oriented spanking person has not imagined a perfect discipline therapy clinic, where a lovely young lady might go to have all her naughtiest erotic desires fulfilled, for her own good?

“Placing herself in the hands of her skilled therapists, she is open to all the sensations that the scientific application of spanking and even more penetrating forms of stimulation may bring.

“In answering her questionnaire, Karen reveals to Eve that she has been suffering from fatigue, restlessness, anxiety and sexual frustration due to her many professional and domestic responsibilities and has failed to allow any time for herself.

“Eve assures her that while at the clinic, she will receive the attention she both needs and deserves, allowing her a full climactic release at the conclusion of the carefully staged treatment she is about to undergo.

Shadow Lane spanking film On-Demand

“After readily consenting to submit to corporal punishment, a physical examination, intimate stimulation, cleansing procedures for health maintenance and an induced, stress relieving orgasm, Karen is thoroughly spanked by Eve to prep her for the doctor.

“No one knows why it is recommended to enter into any anal discipline session with a bottom already red and radiating heat, but it is so. Karen has a fairly high pain tolerance but Eve makes her hit many high notes with both her hand and heavy maple paddle, as she spanks that luscious redhead into a state of high receptivity.

“Karen Just arrives on Dr. Ramsay’s examination table with a bottom already paddled dark pink by Eve Howard. The doctor immediately goes hands on with his scrumptious patient, pulling up her filmy white gown to expose her small, full, hard nippled bosom and her creamy nether regions below.

Madison Young gets an anal exam and enema

“Squeezing, teasing and spreading his shyly obedient patient, Dr. Ramsay naturally begins to focus his complete attention on Karen’s buttocks and genitalia, waking up her vulva with light spanks and paying similar attention to an even more private place.

Madison Young porn films on-demand


“Always a firm believer in anal discipline, Dr. Ramsay can’t praise Karen enough for her breathless submission to his deeply probing punishment techniques. Of course she feels the pain, and that indeed is part of the therapy, but Karen also knows that for once all the attention is focused on herself and her needs. It is her orgasm that counts this time, and hers alone.

“Dr. Ramsay uses a long, slim, cold, slippery, one shot lubricator to inject moistening fluid into Karen’s bottom. Karen squirms. Next, a bulb syringe enema with ridged applicator is inserted into the patient’s anus and administered. Karen receives a second bolus and is then sent to see to her needs.

“When she returns, the doctor has prepared a hot water bag enema for her. Karen is placed in the classic knee to elbow position and Dr. Ramsay penetrates her with the nozzle to the hilt and releases the clamp. After taking the bag of warm water, Karen receives a final spanking, surrenders to a splendid climax and is allowed to depart, a much more relaxed modern girl.

Shadow Lane spanking film starring Madison Young and Eve Howard
“This explicitly esoteric corporal punishment adventure features Eve Howard giving her hardest spanking so far as the understanding but determined therapist, Larry Selden ever honing the fine art of polymorphous perversity as Dr. Ramsay and the incomparable Madison Young as Karen Just, the visitor to the Braemar Discipline Therapy Clinic in Paddled, Pleasured and Purged.”

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