Cherry Red Interview: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman on Clare’s Retirement; Starting a New Spanking Site; Why Veronica Ricci Rocks; and More…


Clare Fonda spanks Veronica Ricci
The stunning Veronica Ricci gets punished over Momma Clare's lap

After a decade working as Clare Fonda’s devoted documentarian of the disciplined derriere, “The Cameraman” is gradually taking over the helm of the Fonda spanking network of cherry red goodness. . .

. . .And this includes the launch of a sizzling new sorority spanking site, in the wake of the legendary “Momma” Clare’s recent announcement of her semi-retirement from the spanky scene to pursue other fetishistic pursuits.

CRR caught up with this tireless videographer and photographer recently for a cherry red Q&A.

By the way, you can enjoy and watch instantly, on-demand, a variety of Clare’s spanking films here.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report.

Always a pleasure.

I know you’ve worked as the chief cameraman with Clare on her network of sites for 12 years — so I’m wondering how does it feel to take over the reins of the Fonda spanko empire?

Right now I am slightly overwhelmed.  I have been working on two feature films overlapping with taking over the sites, which is an increase in my workload of course.  So the past six weeks or so I have been basically working day and night, no time off.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m learning more how to manage the extra load.  Clare has been a great help. She has been working on trouble-shooting issues with the sites, while I get my feet on the ground and pick up all the many details of the job.

Clare Fonda

At the dawn of this post-Fonda era, I’m sure it must feel weird/strange(?) to not have “Momma Clare” on the set?

I have done some shoots without Clare on set before – mostly for the My Spanking Roommate site.  And when we discussed her decision to phase out of spanking last December, Clare stressed keeping a 5 site special.

So I needed a site to replace Clare Spanks Men.  That site became Spanking Sorority Girls. Clare was not on set for the sorority site shoots.  So not having her on set has been a gradual process, which has helped me ease going solo.

Clare is a dynamic force on set, with creative ideas and with her great sense of humor, she has always helped to keep the shoots lighthearted and the models comfortable.  And she always handled all the paperwork. So I guess that’s the long way of saying, I definitely miss having her on set.

What is the most challenging aspect of running these sites?

This is an easy answer.  I can shoot, edit, and update the sites relatively stress free.

Our web guy Neil helps with all the marketing. But Clare has been helping with the tech stuff- answering emails – tracking down people who are illegally posting our content – answering endless emails.  Doing all the paperwork.

This is what to me is the most challenging and unpleasant aspect of running the sites.

What essentially Clare is still doing.  Once I take that on completely, I will be significantly challenged.

And I am of course doing more updating (Clare did much of it), but it is the fan interaction, paperwork, and tech issues that’s all new to me.

Will you be once again producing and filming the annual multi tushy spank-fest Exclusive Education [EE7] series later in the year?

Ha, EE7.  Interesting question.  Initially, I thought about doing something different.  Maybe replacing the schoolgirl theme with a slumber party or a sorority hazing.  But then when we started the Spanking Sorority Girls site, a light bulb went off and I decided to split the big shoot into two separate scenes.

The first scene will be EE7, which will be available in August.  And the second scene will be the big initiation scene for the sorority site, and that will appear on that site later – probably next January.

Clare Fonda spanks Chloe
Classic image featuring Chloe over Momma Clare's lap

I have a number of models already committed to doing the shoot and I am working on finalizing the cast.  The schoolroom is in place.  So it is all coming together.

Hope you can incorporate a few misbehaving cheerleaders into EE7 if possible? 🙂

Interesting you mention cheerleaders. One of the shoots I considered to replace the schoolgirl theme was an all cheerleader shoot.  Maybe next year.

Any word on who the next Sweetie will be on SpankedSweeties?

The next Sweetie will be Michelle Miller, who is Lana Miller’s sister.   Lana’s niece Mandy also will appear.  And Clare is the interviewer.

The spanking sorority site is looking really hawt so far — how is everything going so far ?

I am crazy about this sorority site.  So far it has wildly surpassed by expectations.  The spankings are hard.  The cast is hot, with great bottoms.  There is enough girl-girl interaction to offer variety and spice.

The talent and story lines to me are very believable within the context of the site.  A lot of this is a credit to Veronica Ricci, the star of the site.

spanking sorority girls: a new site from Clare Fonda

Veronica has hired models – her friend Roxy destroyed Veronica’s ass in Episode 5 – she has suggested story lines, she creates the erotic scenarios, she has become proficient at giving hard spankings, and she takes a harder spanking than any adult model I have ever encountered (and that is a large number).

There is a nice mix of spankings stars such as Sarah Gregory, Snow Mercy, Christy Cutie and Katherine St. James, and some new to spanking like Riley, Katie Jordin and Amaya Medya. So I have high hopes for the site. We’ll see if it gets some legs.

Veronica Ricci spankedWhen you first met former Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci [pictured at left with the pigtails], did you imagine that she would become a full-time spanking model and spanking star?

I met Veronica at the auditions for a horror film called Bloody Mary 3D.

She was hired to play Bloody Mary and didn’t need to come to the auditions, but she did just to help out.  So she made a strong first impression with me.

At some point during the movie shoot, we start comparing models we have both worked with (a fairly significant list).  She said she never had filmed any spanking scenes, but that she was spanked growing up and was always curious about spanking and thought maybe she would like it.

So we shot a Sweeties scene with her [check out a preview gallery of that sizzling scene] and discovered that she could take a hard spanking, though her butt gets very red and speckled.  She was up for shooting more and thus a spanking star was born.

I encourage anyone reading this to please check out Veronica’s new spanking blog, called Spanking Veronica and make a comment or two on one of her posts.

Any other future spanky plans we should know about?

I have a few shoots lined up, some with new talent.  One of course is Exclusive Education, Part 7.  And I plan to attend the Shadow Lane convention and bring a couple of models with me to do some shooting and help with the vendor booth.

Sounds fab — Thank you and keep up the great cherry redness!

Thanks Dave for the opportunity to chat.

 All pix courtesy of Clare Fonda.Clare Fonda's spanking networkP.S. Also check out Clare Fonda’s spanking videos available On-Demand for more cherry red hotness.

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2 thoughts on “Cherry Red Interview: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman on Clare’s Retirement; Starting a New Spanking Site; Why Veronica Ricci Rocks; and More…”

  1. Very good interview i am a great fan of these sites that Clare ran and now the Cameraman is carrying them on so they are in very good hands indeed ,the girls are beautiful and have big spanks and play with each other ,best from ,Tim.

  2. Thanks for the interview, Cherry Red, and thanks for the kind comments, Tim. I am trying very hard to maintain the high standards Clare set for the sites!

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