Michelle Miller Deliciously Debuts on Spanked Sweeties

Black spanking

Ebony stunner Michelle Miller makes her debut over on Spanked Sweeties, in a real family affair with the hard spanking Lana Miller, who is Michelle’s half-sister, blazing, I mean blazing(!) naughty daughter Michelle’s beautiful buns to a scorching level of disciplinary intensity in this domestic discipline scene.

Mom spanks daughterThis video is smoking hot and Lana is one of the best disciplinarians that I have ever seen — and Michelle is realistically vocal and amazing as a spankee.

Playing the role of the traditionally-minded Mom, Lana scolds and spanks with equal skill and vigor, working up a sweat, literally, as she firmly punishes the promising-to-be-good Michelle, who squirms and bucks and protests quite vocally over Lana’s lap.

In addition, Lana’s real-life niece plays Michelle’s sister in the scene.  By the way, Sweeties can also be accessed via the better-valued Clare Fonda Pass.  Here’s a feverishly hotttt screen-grab from the film:

Mom spanking daughter on SpankedSweeties
A misbehaving daughter learns a painful lesson over Mom's lap.

Here are some more preview piccies:

african-american black spanking on spankedsweeties

*  *  *

——–>In other Fonda network news, Alexis Grace plays a sex ed tutor and gets her spank on via Layden Sinn’s delectable backside, and pictured below, Chloe learns a hard lesson from Steve Fuller.

chloe elise gets a spanking

All photos courtesy of Spanked Sweeties and the Clare Fonda Network.

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4 thoughts on “Michelle Miller Deliciously Debuts on Spanked Sweeties”

  1. I really like Lana Miller as a spanker, she just has the right look. It’s odd to see a woman of colour as a spankee, though. Alison has a lovely shapely bottom and it was nice to see it spanked by Lana.

  2. I don’t think it’s odd to see women of color as spankees, and this Michelle is gorgeous I hope we see more of her.

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