Enter the Cherry Red Caption Contest ! !

What up my spanky peeps? Co-sponsored by the Clare Fonda spanking network, the Cherry Red Report is having a cherry red caption contest — simply check out the photo below, and submit your caption in the comments section.  It’s that e-z!  [One entry per person please–thank you.]

The CRR Editorial Board will select one winner, who shall thusly forthwith win a 1-monthly pass to Clare’s flagship site: Spanked Sweeties.   Good luck and have fun!

clare fonda and her hairbrush

In other editorial news, stay tuned for a forthcoming cherry red Q&A with the beguiling Mishka.  @@!  Also, CherryRedMovies.com got a bit of a makeover recently, sporting a new design and color layout–perv on over,  enjoy some hawt spanking videos, and check out the Editor’s Picks.   In guy spanking news, my male oriented spanking blog Spanking4Men is gaining readership at a healthy pace and is celebrating its one year blogiversary.

—>MORE SPANKING PHOTO GOODNESS:   Fresh, tasty new preview galleries from various cherry red bottom purveyors:

Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age

Uncle Paul’s pajama spank action on Kiki’s bodacious buns

Zoe and Jessica

Spanktastic Veronica Ricci and Sharon Lee

Sharon gets her tushy tanned and oiled up

The Spanked Stepsisters

Alannah Rae lays the smack down

Wheelbarrow position

Kat St. James gets bun blazed

More stepsister spanking action

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9 Responses to Enter the Cherry Red Caption Contest ! !

  1. JDW237 says:

    “Hee hee hee! I knew if I pretended to be napping, she wouldn’t be able to resist trying to get my trusty brush away from me. Her bare bottom will be as red as a lobster. Ready… set…”

  2. imreadonly2 says:

    That’s right, honey…wake mommy up. Only this time I’m READY FOR YOU!

  3. imreadonly2 says:

    When I want to spank you…
    All I have to do…
    Is dream, dream, dream…dream, dream, dream…

  4. imreadonly2 says:

    “Ah, what the hell, let’s wake her up. What’s the worst that could happen?”

  5. tim says:

    Clare is dreaming of all the bare spanked botties and is smiling and the little minx who is next is taking the trusty hairbrush away

  6. Lea says:

    “And bottoms think that THEY are the only ones who get tired out from a hard hairbrushing!”

  7. bill says:

    the only way to get to sleep!…..”one bright red bottom….two bright red bottoms….three bright red bottoms”……..

  8. Captain JT Kirk says:

    237 Thank you, Claire…238 Thank You, Claire. Abruptly woken up from a sound sleep? Time for a sound spanking!!! 1 Thanks you, Claire, 2 Thank you, Claire!!!

  9. Michael says:

    “What part of, “if anyone wakes me up they get the hairbrush” don’t they understand?”

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