Guest Blogger Danielle Hunt: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Danielle But Were Afraid to Ask


Danielle Hunt spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Arched up over Chelsea Pfeiffer’s seasoned lap, Globe-trotting spanking star Danielle Hunt learns a lesson.

Hi Cherry Red Readers,

I have been given the honor of writing a guest blog for the Cherry Red Report website. And I was simply delighted to be given the privilege, less delighted to be writing this from a hallway of a “less-than-fabulous” hotel in the center of Dublin.

Danielle Hunt is a naughty schoolgirlI’m very tired —  the last week I’ve traveled from the UK to Holland back to the UK and then to Ireland, and in the next two days will be headed back to the UK and then back to Holland and then back to the UK!

I’ve just returned from seeing my good friend, the ‘Amsterdam Authoritarian’ who is the chief spanker at Spanked in Uniform as well as Real Life Spankings.

But enough about the me! Really can you get enough of me?? Hahaha. . .

Mr. Cherry Red asked me to write something different — I know this will probably appear to be the most bland thing ever…alas I did try:

Best place ever. The best place I think I’ve ever been is Sri Lanka. The people were so pleasant. The food was great and the beaches were amazing. If we humans got the chance to choose where we die then it would be there.

Danielle Hunt gets spanked over the knee
Get the to a nunnery! as seen on the new site Spanking Sorority Girls.


The best thing in my life would have to be my cats. I like dogs but I don’t spend enough time at home, so it wouldn’t be fair to a dog. My cats are called Arthur, Alfie and Mary. And my cat Mary is named after my Grandmother who was named after a cat. And the circle of life is complete.

Most painful spanking experience would have to be by Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard. I must admit I was warned by people both in the UK and in the US…’you don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for’…and I didn’t. It went above and beyond pain as I knew it.

Dallas spanks Danielle Hunt
Dallas gives Danielle a scorching strapping on Dallas Spanks Hard.

I really like to eat spicy food. The spicier the better! Yum.

I like spanking because I think it’s erotic. I like the feeling of a hand spanking my bum. It is highly sensual. And I like implements also but think they are a step removed from the hand. In addition, I also like the being held by someone as I go across their knee.

My ‘spanking best friend’ is Sarah Gregory. I met Sarah earlier this year and stayed at her house when I was in the US. Sarah is simply great, she runs a very good website called Spanking Sarah Gregory which we filmed some videos for — can’t wait to see her again soon!

Danielle Hunt spanks Sarah Gregory
Danielle tans Sarah Gregory’s backside.


I’m also very into bondage, as you can see from a video shoot in which a burglar tied me up.

I’m a fanatic for making lists. God help me if I lose one of my lists.

Favourite Spanking position. 100% Over the Knee. I’ve always been a fan of this, in second place is the wheelbarrow position. DEATH to the diaper position.

I think of pasta as being like a warm hug. I eat pasta everyday, or almost everyday. Doesn’t matter what shape its all good.

Wildest fantasy: sex on a red car.

How I got into spanking: In October 2010, I saw an advert to be in spanking video. Before this I had never been spanked before. I knew what it was, I just knew it as a way to punish children. I didn’t think that it was practiced amongst adults. So I put myself and was chosen. The video was for Red Stripe Films and saw me spanked as a French maid who had been caught stealing.

It was very painful, and by the time I was finished being spanked, I was convinced I would have to go to hospital. Once I got over the pain, I discovered that I did enjoy the experience, as it was unlike anything I had ever done before. And so it began. . .

Nothing gets me angrier than computer problems. Slow internet, computer crashing. They really raise my blood pressure.

Danielle Hunt gets a spanking at bedtime
PJ’s down for a bedtime spanking for Dani, as seen on Triple A Spanking.

You talkin’ to me? really…who doesn’t like Taxi Driver — another one of my favourite movies is Goodfellas, as well as The Virgin Suicides.

Girl on girl spanking.  I’m a big fan of girl on girl spanking, I dont think it has been done enough justice. I think the website Girl Spanks Girl and Spank Sinn Sage have done wonders addressing F-F spanking.

Thank God for Mexican food, and eBay.

You don’t want to stand next to me when the train is late — steam blows out of my ears…

Kisses on the forehead: yay or nay? yay! They make me feel noble — weird I know.

Danielle Hunt gets spanked otk
Danielle plays a recalcitrant diva on Spanked in Uniform.

I couldn’t live without books. I’m a bit of a technophobe and I’m not one for iPads or Kindles. So I think I’ll stick to paperbacks.

Best website in the world:  PostSecret.

Most proud when I think of the thing that makes me so proud, I think it boils down to helping one of my very good spanking scene friends in finding their birth parents. I am a big advocate for adopted children finding their biological parents, and I am delighted that I was part of the process…

Thank you for reading,

Much Love, Danielle x x x

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9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Danielle Hunt: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Danielle But Were Afraid to Ask”

  1. Hi Tim, thank you so much for commenting on my guest blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it. My bottom has taken quite a spanking lately, a nice massage from you is in order!

  2. Sorry Danni I think you have become overexposed. Every time I look to join a spanking site you are there. Think you are a good spankee but its all too much

    1. Reply to spankingfan

      Please learn to spell my name correctly because you have the nerve to say that I am over exposed.


  3. nice blog Dani, saw your cute hiney on GoodSpanking with Chelsea Pfeiffer, very cute! you mentioned SpankSinn on here, so when are you gonna get your naughty tushy spanked on Sinn’s site?

    Corey The Tush-a-Holic

  4. Dear Danielle
    I didn’t think this was “bland” at all. In fact, this is the sort of guest post I like. We, the readers, actually get to learn a little bit about the spanking models we so enjoy watching. Much better than just a report on the plot of the latest photoshoot….

    As an avid reader myself, I have to ask: What are you currently reading, and what’s the most enjoyable book you’ve read recently?

    Kudos on your Cherry Red post! Oh…and a kiss on the forehead for you, if I may be so bold.

    Hugs and spanks,
    Dr. Ken

    1. Hi Dr Ken
      thanks for replying to my post and your kind comments

      What am I currently reading…. I like all books really – except science fiction and historical books set before 1900’s. I have a real love of books on true crime. Yesterday I just finished a crime fiction book by Ed McBain called Poison, and today I started a Danielle Steel called Now and Forever.

      what about you? any books to recommend?
      D x

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