OTK and Punished

Just playing around a bit in the cherry red graphics lab.  Original source image from BadTushy.  BTW the Bad Tushy site has not been updated for quite some time, unfortunately–not sure what is going on over there.  Anyway, the model is named Zoya and is from one of my all-time favest pic sets. 

Makes me wonder what ever happened to one of B-Tushy’s hottest spankers ‘eva: Ms. Law aka: Kayla Quinn.

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3 Responses to OTK and Punished

  1. tim says:

    Very nice drawing .Yes i wondered why there has not been an update of vids at Bad Tushy ,hope alls well there i am a subscriber are you/ ,best,Tim.

  2. Karyn says:

    Bad Tushy has updated again as of today (7/24). Maybe they saw your post and figured it was time to do something – LOL!

  3. tim says:

    Well i just checked the members area there and it says movie coming soon, Tim.

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