Cherry Bottom

Clare Fonda spanks Cherry on SpankedSweeties

I’m having a case of the Monday’s, as the tiresome cliche goes.  So then, you see, I just stumbled across this exquisite Sweeties image from back in the day, that completely just made my morning oh so much better hotter.

This spanky pic features the legendary Momma Clare Fonda and a gorgeous minx named Cherry, playing the wayward and naughty daughter, inspecting her freshly toasted buns, who naturally has a cherry tattoo emblazoned on her hip.  [Anyone want to suggest a caption for the above photo?]

This mischievous vixen has also shot a few years back some iconic and tushytastic material with Chelsea Pfieffer’s GoodSpanking site.

Chelsea Pfieffer spanks Cherry on GoodSpanking

——->Another classic Cherry photo and some extremely delicious video samples can be found in this post.  Speaking of Chelsea Pfeiffer, in case you missed it, check out a March 2011 exclusive interview with the unstoppable Chelsea.

And now my day is looking so much brighter.  Because life is better when it’s cherry red.  That is all.

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