Pin-Up and Burlesque Model Ludella Hahn Debuts on Sweeties

Ludella Hahn gets her first spanking
Lady Olivia plays the traditional Mom and gives naughty daughter Ludella a hot tanning on her bare backside. Watch it on Sweeties. Or via the multi-site Clare Pass.

Right in the middle of enjoying “Exclusive Education 7,” we here at CRR HQ rec’d this hot off the press news of the cherry red hotness variety: the beguiling and bodacious burlesque and retro stylized pin-up model Ludella Hahn debuts on SpankedSweeties, and it’s a sizzler, featuring Ms. Hahn getting punished by her Mom . . . . . .[Check out Ludella’ website Here.]

Ludella Hahn spanking over the knee
I’m sorrrrryyyyyy! I’ll be a goodgirl! Armed with a stunningly spankable bottom, Ludella learns all about what happens to misbehaving, wayward naughty girls.


Sweeties is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass — the newest site in this network btw is the glowing hot Spanking Sorority Girls site.  

Ludella strikes a truly classic pose in this delicious retro-fueled pin-up:

Ludella Hahn pin-up

Anyway, here’s some background on Ludella from Sweeties:

“Ludella is a Burlesque and Pinup model who was curious about spanking. She wasn’t spanked growing up, but is known for her curvy bottom and wanted to do her very first spanking shoot for SpankedSweeties.

Ludella Hahn gets a spanking over the knee

“So we brought in the very experienced Lady Olivia to do the interview and to give Ludella her first real spanking.  And Ludella’s choice was to do a role-play.  So Lady Olivia played her Mom and gave her what was essentially a warm-up spanking. . .

“But be assured, this was a spanking with a stern scolding and made Ludella tender, but it also allowed for Lady Olivia to give Ludella a second, harder spanking that ended with the hairbrush:

Ludella Hahn getting a spanking

“As a final treat, Lady Olivia gives Ludella a small taste of a riding crop. All those who love a girl with real reactions and a luscious booty should enjoy this new Sweetie on SpankedSweeties.”

Ludella Hahn riding crop
Ludella Hahn: amazing!

>>>>>>Check out all the domestic discipline and punishment photos and watch the spanking action at Spanked Sweeties. Enjoy!

Also available via the Clare Pass.

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