Sizzling Spanking Updates Featuring Piper; Pandora; Porcelain; Joelle; Amelia; Samantha and More Cherry Red Hotness

So many wayward naughties.  So little time to create those 50 shades of cherry red. So let’s get right to the fresh and new red-bottomed goodness.

Over at RealSpankings, new spankee Roxie says “School? Whatever!” and ditches class resulting in an outdoor belt lickin’.  The RS folks seem to specialize in spanktastic outdoor ass blazing action.

Roxie gets the belt at RealSpankings
“What if someone is watching?  THWACK!  Owieee!”  Photo credit: RealSpankings

*  *  *

Misbehaving cutie Piper gets a good seeing to by her no nonsense, traditionally minded tennis coach Veronica, in a sizzler from PunishedBrats.

Veronica spanks Piper on PunishedBrats
What a view.  A glorious camera angle.  Photo courtesy of PunishedBrats.

*  *  *

Samantha Woodley looks exquisite as always on Firm Hand Spanking, here squirming deliciously, jeans in a lovely tangle, over the lap of baby-faced but hard-spanking Kyle Johnson.

samantha woodley spanked hard on firmhandspanking
Keep that bottom arched, young lady!  Photo courtesy of Firm Hand.

*  *  *

A model wonderfully named “Porcelain Ass” makes her Spanked Sweeties debut, arched up over the lap of the aptly named “Snow Mercy.” Love these euphonious appellations. Also available via the better valued Clare Pass.

Snow Mercy is certainly enjoying the task at hand, expertly adjusting those panties.  Photo courtesy of Sweeties.

*  *  *

The newest hot-off-the-press ShadowLane film playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies is called “She Spanked Her Niece” and it looks like a real corker, starring Eve Howard, Clare Fonda, Miss Divine and Sophie Nova.

Shadow Lane's newest spanking video
Check out all the Shadow Lane films playing on-demand.

*  *  *

Brazilian hottie Joelle Barros makes her Triple A Spanking debut.  Love those socks and little shorts.  And cute panties.

joelle barros gets a spanking otk
Spanker John Osborne has a wonderful job.  Extra points for those stripey socks.  Pic courtesy of Triple A.

*  *  *

The unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer gives the gorgeous Krissy the tanning of her life on Chelsea’s Good Spanking site.  Jeans/panties tangled in a picture of perfection.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks
Mmmmmm……..Deliciousness courtesy of GoodSpanking.

*  *  *

In the latest from Spanked in Uniform, the globe-trotting new spank star Danielle Hunt and the legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford get their respective posteriors blazed to a glowing hue…..

danielle hunt and amelia jane rutherford
Portraits in cherry redness.  Image courtesy of Spanked in Uniform.

*  *  *

Pandora Blake looks divine in this classic bedtime PJ’s otk tanning scene from her Dreams of Spanking site.

Pandora Blake gets a bedtime spanking, pj's pulled down
She will be sleeping on her tummy after this bedtime bun blazing.  Image courtesy of Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking.

*  *  *

No plot.  Not much dialogue.  Just hard spanking.  Check out the latest model named Stephanie who gets her bottom scorched at Bun Beating Fun.

Stephanie gets a hot tanning at Bun Beating Fun.
Hot model + iron hand = blistered ass.  Video screen-shot courtesy of Bun Beating Fun.

*  *  *

New spankee Lucy is a stunner and debuts at English Spankers receiving some educational guidance.

Lovin’ her schoolgirly outfit. Image courtesy of English Spankers.

*  *  *

Betty Blaze blazes the buns of a new student at that institute of higher learning known as the Real Spankings Institute.

Miss Betty spanks a bad girl
Don’t mess with Miss Betty Blaze.  Image courtesy of Real Spankings Institute.

*  *  *

As seen on my Spanking4Men blog, we have a motivational poster that is surely appropriate for framing and display in many offices. motivational poster


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