Rosaleen Young: A Classic M-F Tail Blazing Photoset


Rosaleen Young spanked over the knee
Amazing. Love that wheelbarrow position.  Here’s a related gallery featuring Veronica Ricci with some similarly-themed pix, positionally speaking.   And of course there was this Cherry award winning set.

What up my spanky peeps. I think I’m as equally entranced by the long-since retired fetish, bondage and spanking star Rosaleen Young as most other cherry red enthusiasts.  While Rosaleen primarily focused, if I’m not mistaken, on F-F spanking, there are several delicious M-F photosets there, including this scorching hot tail blazer…..

Spanking and fetish star Rosaleen Young

And yes I have made inquiries to try to interview this legendary model.  No luck.  Anyway, Gawd, I love these pix.   The scenario was she got caught raiding the booze closet and paid the price with her bottom. BTW if you dig bondage and dungeons and such, check out this RY video.

Rosaleen Young getting a M-F spanking over the knee

An image of perfection.

Dear Readers: Would you like to see more Rosaleen Young posts like this?

——>I”m also on the hunt for more Rosaleen pix of the M-F variety, if any readers out there care to share their treasure trove. . . .and if you have more pix from this specific photoset, I’d be eternally grateful Thank you.

Check out a few Rosaleen Young spanking vids playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies:

Rosaleen Young spanking videos

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3 thoughts on “Rosaleen Young: A Classic M-F Tail Blazing Photoset”

  1. I’ve seen the second photo before–heck, I think I have it as wallpaper on an older computer–but this is the first time I’ve seen the others, so many thanks for that. And I certainly vote “YES” to more photosets featuring Rosaleen Young.

    I might have one other picture of Ms. Young in a M/F scene, but it’s going to take me a while to find it. Sadly, I don’t think it’s in a file that starts with “Rosaleen Young”…..

    Dr. Ken

  2. Since Rosaleen has one of the cutest bottoms I’ve ever seen, and since it’s even cuter when it’s glowing red, then, yes, I would be delighted to see more of Rosaleen’s ass on the Cherry Red site!

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