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Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked otk

Written by Chuck, CherryRedMovies Guest Video Reviewer

The UK has long been noted for the discipline and decorum of the ladies raised there. Amelia Jane Rutherford is certainly a tribute to those ideals.

Regular spankings help to maintain order and discipline, and Miss Rutherford is seen here in one of her first videos, entitled simply “Amelia Jane Rutherford, Vol. 1.”   This release is from the producer Strictly English, available for instant on-demand viewing at CherryRedMovies.  [Editorial Note: This review takes a look at the first 3 scenes of the film, though the final schoolgirl scene is quite delicious.]

Part 1: The Audition

Amelia Jane Rutherford is omewhat new to the spanking scene in this older film, and soon garnered almost instant recognition as a star.

The first thing we see is Amelia Jane Rutherford discretely changing clothes to meet her spanker for an audition, and although obviously nervous, she tells us (in a cute and very cultured English accent) how she feels and what she expects.

Amelia Jane Rutherford spanking video

This production is shot in a documentary style, (spankumentary?) and takes us through the various stages of her preparation, an audition, and finally the full shooting of one of the most viewed spank vids of recent time.

The girl holding the camera is one of the production assistants, and takes the time to calm Amelia’s anxieties and to reassure her that this is an audition and that she is essentially in control of the spanking – the gent who will dispense the swats to her luscious bottom will stop if she asks him to.

Finally, after a bit of primping and girl-2-girl chat with the production assistant, it is time for AJR to proceed downstairs for her spanking audition. Strictly English does a nice job of offering the entire production (DVD length and quality) as well as breaking it up into scenes for those who prefer to jump right to the action.

The spanker is an experienced disciplinarian, and proceeds to take Amelia over his lap and applies his firm hand to her panty-clad bottom, and what a cute bottom she indeed has.

This being her first ever apparent on-screen spanking, he takes the time to instruct her in the use of safe words to indicate that she is able to continue or needs a break from the action.

This behind-the-scenes peek at how spank vids are produced is enlightening and is all the more enjoyable for the instruction given this young lady. She does exhibit some hesitance and even a bit of defiance, and must be corrected for trying to block the spanking with her hand, and for a bit of cheeky insolence.

She soon learns to append the word SIR to her statements and questions, as the spanker instructs her in several different spanking positions that she will encounter in the full production shoot.

At this point, Amelia has had a few dozen slaps of the hand across her panties, and her pert bottom cheeks are just beginning to show some nice redness. She needs to be reminded about keeping her hands out of the way.

This audition is a good mixture of the mechanics of how a spank video will be conducted and the reality of this young lady’s first experience with corporal punishment. Her reticence and anxious manner are quite real, despite her knowing that this is a video production.

Then her panties come down and a flurry of spanks are applied. She cries and yelps with the real sting and burn of a well-applied spanking across that very nice bottom.

Her spanker is very much a man in control and the supposed scene for the audition, a secretary misusing the Internet while at work, is well carried out. Amelia does speak her lines properly, but we can see that she has entered into that place where spanking fantasy becomes reality.

Next we see her leave the audition room and the camera gives us a great view of her spanked bottom as she climbs the stairs to the dressing room. It is very easy for a viewer to lose themselves in this expertly-prepared documentary, and see Amelia as a real naughty girl being punished.

This of course is a tribute to the producers who strive to present very true-to-life video productions. As AJR returns to the dressing room, the production assistant congratulates her for her audition performance. Amelia is once again the bright, cheerful and eager young lady, and she expresses her enthusiasm for how the audition was conducted and for what she experienced.

Part 2: The Tutor

In this scene, Amelia takes on the role of a student who is failing some of her university courses and has come to seek help from a tutor, supplied by her school. He welcomes her and explains the requirements of being tutored, including his intent to spank Amelia’s bottom if she slacks off in her work.

AJR looks quite cute as her smile turns to a nervous frown, upon hearing that her bottom stands to be spanked well, and even caned if she does not improve and pull up her grades. The tutor sets her appointment for the first learning session, and we next see him reading his morning paper when Amelia arrives.

After some pleasantries, the tutor reminds Amelia of her cheeky and insolent remark during her interview with him, and that he had deferred her needed spanking until this day. She is most unsure and when confronted with the order to accept the spanking or leave, she fidgets for a moment and then walks out of the tutor’s office and into the hallway.

Clearly she is torn between wanting to succeed in her studies and needing help, but not wanting to be spanked. She decides to do the right thing and returns to the tutor’s office, and agrees to take discipline. And hesitantly she complies with his request to take her position over his knee and accept her first round of tutorial corporal punishment.

Amelia’s very pert and round bottom in nicely encased in tight jeans, and she is told that these are not proper attire, but will do for the moment. The tutor begins to spank firmly, and we see that he is no stranger to applying hard spankings to wayward young ladies in need of correction.

Miss Rutherford has a very well-shaped butt, and we can delight in the curves of those cheeks as she wriggles and squirms under the spanks. Even as she is being spanked, her cheekiness still seems to be a problem, but the tutor is well prepared for this and continues to apply his experienced hand to the seat of her jeans.

But those jeans come off next and with the threat of the cane to be applied, she defiantly waits but then finally complies and shows us a pair of red panties — that will soon be the indicator of the colour of her butt cheeks.

If you have ever dealt with or spoken to a mouthy young university student, you will recognize that in Amelia and appreciate how the tutor deals with her naughty bottom.

This first spanking concludes with Amelia being allowed to re-dress herself and being instructed as to her next appointment with her tutor and the work assigned to her. We can see by her attitude that this will not be the last spanking she receives.

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a beautiful young actress and truly fulfills the role both in her adept management of the dialogue, her appearance, and of course, her very firm and eminently spankable bare bottom.

And this film “AJR, Vol. 1” is a great spanking video, all the more enjoyable for its reality.

Perhaps if more young ladies were disciplined as Amelia is, the hallowed halls of academia would be ringing with the sounds of bare flesh being spanked and the cries of young ladies learning proper behaviour, deportment and study habits.

All screen-shots are taken directly from the film by Strictly English: “Amelia Jane Rutherford, Vol. 1.”

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  1. Yes i bought this on dvd when it came out i liked Amelia Jane from the beginning ,lovely English girl who has gone on to be a great favourite with us all,best from ,Tim.

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