A Cherry Red Exclusive Interview with Ludella Hahn

Ludella Hahn

Internationally published retro style pin-up model. Burlesque dancer. Fetish model. And now spanking starlet who recently debuted on Spanked Sweeties.  [Sweeties is also available via the better valued multi-site “Clare Pass.”]

We here at CRR asked Ludella Hahn, a bodacious bombshell known as the “dame with the delicious derriere,” a few Q’s in this cherry red exclusive. And do check out her site at LudellaHahn.com…

[Check out a preview spanking gallery starring Ludella. And check out another one here.  On a side note, the newest Sweetie is ebony beauty Rihanna.]

Thank you Ludella for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. How are you doing these days? I was reading on your twitter a little while ago that you are engaged to be married–congrats!!

I’m great. And thanks! I just got back from my honeymoon in Europe actually, and almost immediately hopped right back into shooting, so I can’t complain; things are going well in all departments.

Ludella Hahn spanked
Lady Olivia plays Ludella’s no-nonsense Mom in this domestic bun sizzler playing now at Spanked Sweeties.

According to your website, you have “an affinity for the absurb.” Can you elaborate?

I think it’s just that I’ve always had an intrinsic attraction to the quirky and underground in all things in life. I’ve always been opposed to the herd and therefore find solace in what they might consider the absurd.

And I just like things that are less common, and a little bit off, which also goes into my love for antiques. It’s the flaws that make them appealing and unique.

ludella hahn in a charlie girl burlesque photoAnd also a sweet-tooth, as I have read…

Haha. Oh, yes. Anyone that know me knows that I love sugar. The photographers I work with who have given me candy at shoots earn brownie points in my book.

So as a pin-up/fetish model and burlesque dancer, how did end up bottoms-up, quite deliciously, I might add, at Spanked Sweeties?

They had emailed me about working with them the next time I found myself in LA, so when I planned my little tour to LA last February, I gave them a shout and we were able to set up a shoot. Although I had never done a spanking shoot to that calibre before, I was intrigued to give it a try.

Do you think you’d like to be the spanker sometime in a future spanking shoot?

I did get to be the spanker for a scene that day! (Spoiler!) So keep an eye out for that. It was fun, but I think I prefer being the spankee. My butt can better take the pain than my hand could from spanking.

Ludella Hahn

As you are known as “the dame with the delicious derriere,” you seem like a truly perfect fit for the spanking fetish…. ^_^

Thanks. I hope so!

If I may ask, are you into the spanking kink in your personal life? And when did the spanking “interest/kink” first start to develop?

I wouldn’t say spanking itself is my fetish, but I do enjoy having it as part of my personal life.

I’m not sure when it developed. I was never spanked as a child, so I think it came into play as part of a bedroom dynamic, and when it happened, I realized it put me into a submissive headspace, so we now use it as a tool of sorts to set the mood…or when I’m naughty.

What was it like working with Lady Olivia on SpankedSweeties? and her hairbrush and crop?

I really enjoyed working with her. She had a really great motherly dynamic about her. She might have been administering punishment, but you knew that she cared at the same time.

The hairbrush was a little too intense and the crop was much too intense. I definitely prefer hand-spanking.

Do you think you’d like to shoot more spanking scenes?

Yes! I’m actually talking to Sweeties about shooting again on my next trip to LA.

I really am digging your exquisite retro/50’s-pin-up photos–you know, I was thinking it would be awesome if you shot high-end reto-stylized spanking stills, playful and erotic, in that same vintage style….what do you think? similar to a hot vintage-style photo I found of you being spanked by Santa [pictured below.]

Santa spanks Ludella HahnThank you. 🙂 I actually have a playful retro spanking set I did with a model named “Idelsy” up on my clips4sale website.

We have a photoset from that shoot, which I have available to buy that sounds like what you’re describing. Any interested parties should contact me for a peek. 😉

When you are not being kinky and retro and burlesque and all, what are some of your “vanilla” interests and passions and whatnot?

I enjoy cooking, baking, decorating, and arts & crafts. I am also intensely fond of hugs and cuddling. I used to do a lot more writing, but I wasn’t great at keeping that entirely tame. Most of my life is surrounded by my career as a model and performer though.

Name a celebrity that you think could use a good spanking.

I would really love to see (or administer) a spanking to Scarlett Johansson.

Ludella Hahn
Ludella has a memorable discussion with Lady Olivia’s hairbrush on Sweeties.

Anything awesome playing on your iPod these days?

I’ve been hooked to “Top Hits of the 1930’s” albums.

Any other future plans for Ludella Hahn that we should be aware of?

Most things I tend to keep under wraps until their release, but I can assure you that I have plenty of projects I’m working on, and interested parties should make sure to “like” my Facebook fanpage to follow my work and bookmark my website to keep up-to-date with my adventures. <3

Many thanks for your time!!!

Visit Spanked Sweeties to watch the bun-blazing vids and enjoy all the sizzling pix.

Ludela Hahn pin-up model
A bottom to die for.  BTW, Sweeties is also available via the multi-site “Clare Pass.”

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  1. Really loved working with Ludella!! Her scene she mentioned as a spanker is on http://www.hotgirlsspanked.com so she did not give away a spoiler. She spanked Chloe Elise for that scene. Next time she visits LA we will get her spanked and probably doing a little spanking topping as well for one of the other sites.

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