Chelsea Pfeiffer Goes Bottoms Up

Chelsea Pfeiffer gets spanked over the knee

The legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer recently went bottoms-up, receiving a sizzling cherryred rump roasting on her deliciously hot GoodSpanking site.

We caught up recently with Chelsea to for a brief chat on bottoming, Topping and more. . .[You can also check out a lengthier interview with Chelsea from last year….and enjoy a bunch of glowing hott Chelsea vids streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies.]

Thanks for your time Chelsea! As you are mainly spanking gorgeous bottoms on GoodSpanking, how did you end up being up-ended over Starry Knight’s lap?

Once every few years, I just decide that I would like to relax and bottom for once. Whom I choose just depends. In this case, I knew Starry is a good top, but I wasn’t too familiar with her as a bottom.

She said she was up to most anything bottom wise, but I just wasn’t sure she’d be able to take all that I had planned. So, I decided to do a long scene with her bottoming and a shorter one with me bottoming. It was a fun day!

I always picture you as primarily a “Top,” so it was a surprise, albeit a lovely one, to see you in the otk position!

When I do decide to bottom, I always have a great time. I have a pretty good sense of knowing when that will happen. I was just feeling playful and I bratted the whole time. It was a blast!

Will you be doing more shoots with you as a spankee or ?

I can’t promise anything. It just happens when it happens. I’m not planning to make it a regular thing, by any means. 😉

spanking chelsea pfeiffer over the knee

Generally speaking, I know this is a vague question, but, alas, what are your thoughts on being a bottom vs….spanking as a seasoned Top?

It’s much easier to bottom, really. I mean, it stings and all. But, as a top you have to be so aware of body language, run the scene, keep the pacing while building the spanking to the implements phase.

And, all this while you’re thinking of what you should say next, do next. There’s a lot more to be aware of when you’re topping.

Any chance of shooting again with this blog’s namesake, the model known as Cherry?

Alas, I have no way of contacting Cherry anymore. 🙁   [check out a video featuring Chelsea spanking “Cherry.”]

On a side, what were your thoughts when Clare Fonda announced that she was “retiring” from the spanking biz, to pursue other fetishistic pursuits?

I’m sure Clare made the decision that made her happiest. I haven’t been in touch with her lately, although I’m sure I’ll see her sometime again.

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5 thoughts on “Chelsea Pfeiffer Goes Bottoms Up”

  1. Nice interview with lovely Chelsea ,she received big spanks from young Starry and she was well spanked by Chelsea ,sorry to read that Spank Sinn will change ,best,Tim.

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