Interstellar Spankings and Wizards Who Punish: An Interview with Mike from Spanked in Uniform


If you haven’t seen Spanked in Uniform in a while, do perv on over; they are producing creative new pop-culture inspired red-ass scenarios that will certainly spark your curiosity for some delicious cherryredness. . . .

We put our phasers on spank, and had a brief cherryred chat with the chief disciplinarian and hard spanking Mike to talk spanking in space, Harry Potter, wizards and more. [SIU also features naughty cheerleaders, misbehaving military cadets, sassy schoolgirls, wayward waitresses and more sizzling scenes.]

Captain Mike, of the Starship Genesis, lays down the law, on Spanked in Uniform.

Many thanks Mike for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report.

I really love the futuristic Star Trek-style and Harry Potter-themed spanking vids you’ve been releasing at Spanked in Uniform — creative and fun and different and cool. How did this all come about ? What inspired you to create these? And you a big fan of all this sci-fi and magic and wizards and such?

I am always looking for ways to improve my sites. For example, we are now shooting everything in Full HD. We built a proper big professional green screen set and now we can do series we couldn’t do before.

And I love watching Sci-fi and I thought it would be fun to create a series loosely based on Star Trek.

With regards to the Hotbotts series it was actually one of the models by the name of Clover Rock who said she fantasised about being spanked as a Griffindor girl from the Harry Potter films — so I thought that would be fun to try.

Are costumes and props a challenge when creating these productions?

No not really. I had to order the space cadet Genesis uniforms online though. The rest I find here in Holland.

Your beard you are wearing as the Hotbotts spanker on SIU looks like it does not breathe well. . . . .

It’s ok. It is tied behind the ears with elastic. No glue. We have loads of fun though shooting that. I look like Santa on crack. 🙂

In regards to the Starship Genesis production, is it true, that in space, just like the cliche, no one can hear you spank?

Yep and in space no one can hear you scream either.

In contrast to the Starship Enterprise, the spaceship Genesis is actually a disciplinary punishment ship for wayward space cadets, in the year 2364, correct?

Correct but not only for cadets. Anyone serving in Earthfleet can be sent to the Genesis if they have discipline problems.

Can the space cadets use or have access to a transporter, to beam themselves to different galaxies, or is that not allowed on Genesis?

There are transporters on the Genesis but any unauthorized use of them will be severely punished.

Will there be a Spock character in future episodes at Spanked in Uniform?

I am looking into buying a few alien masks and other props so maybe yes.

What do you like playing better — the Professor Dumbledore character you are playing, or the Captain Kirk-style role?

Oh the captain definitely.

Will Voldermort or similar evil character make an appearance at Hotbotts?

No that would make it too similar to the Harry Potter films.

Why can’t the Hotbotts students use anti-spanking wizarding spells, to protect their posteriors from punishment?

Oh I am sure they will try but Gendal is a wise old Wizard 🙂

On a side note, I really love the 50’s diner episodes you are shooting — your role is the traditionally minded chef, correct? And I am really digging those waitress uniforms.

Yes I play the Chef, who is also the owner of the 50’s Diner. [sample pic below]. They are cute aren’t they? The girls look amazing in those uniforms.

Any future new SIU themes that you have in the works?

I could tell you but then I will have to shoot everyone who reads it 🙂

I can tell you that there are a few historical and sport related series in the works….

Sounds spanktastic. Many thanks for your time, and keep up the cherryredatastic creative work!

You are most welcome. Keep up the good work on your great blog!

Live long and prosper!

All images courtesy of Spanked in Uniform.

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  1. Nice interview with Mike who has 2 great spanky sites ,Real Life spankings and Spanked in uniform with very cute girls well spanked ,best Tim.

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