Governess Rules! Sizzling Hawt New Series Debuts


Syren De Mer spanks Kay Richards

Dig short-shorts and hot red ass and an extremely strict, traditionally-minded Governess? Read on, my spanky peeps.

There is a cherry-red hawt epic new series on on Girl Spanks Girl [also avail via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass] called “Governess Rules.” 

Part Deux of this film will feature drop-seat PJ’s and the hairbrush! BTW, you can also watch all the classic  “Exclusive Education” schoolgirl films on Girl Spanks Girl as well.

Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards get spanked

And this fanny flaming film stars the ever sassy Veronica Ricci and badgirl Kay Richards who are two deliciously misbehaving, sassy, incorrigible naughties who meet their match when they are delightfullly dealt with by the hard spanking and scolding adult film star Syren De Mer.

Kay Richards is especially hot as the pouty punished girl, crying and protesting and whining, and Syren De Mer’s display of hard discipline and scolding is superb.  And Veronica ain’t no slouch either. . . .

Hired by the parents of Veronica and Kay, the striking Ms. De Mer is to be the new Governess for these two brats for the next few months, and immediately lays down the law, lighting a fire on both Veronica and Kay’s squirming tails.  Kay’s diminutive daisy dukes don’t stay on for too long. . .

Veronica even asks Ms. De Mer if she even has right address! As certainly there must be some mistake. Right ? Wrong. “Your parents warned me you both would be quite a handful,” the Governess sternly responds.  When both brats refuse to clean the house, and they are caught smoking weed, the red ass reddening begins.

Syren de Mer’s commanding performance is awesome as the no-nonsense disciplinarian.  Her scolding skills alone are worth the price of admission to this terrific film.

Tighttttt jean-shorts and Veronica’s skimpy red shorts are no match for Ms. De Mer’s method of iron-handed discipline and punishment, as both bad gurls go otk, first Kay and then Veronica. . . .

And after giggling through Kay’s spanking, Veronica learns first-hand that a good spanking is no joke.

Veronica Ricci gets a spanking otk

Stay tuned for another blog post on the second part of this film, featuring the hairbrush and cute drop seat pajamas………[Here’s a sneak peak preview gallery of Part 2.]

**Check out all the pix and the video playing now at Girl Spanks Girl.**

– – – – >Also available via the Clare Pass.

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2 thoughts on “Governess Rules! Sizzling Hawt New Series Debuts”

  1. Yes these 2 lovely little minxes receive their big spanks from the strict governess who stands no nonsense from naughty young girls ,very nice new series ,best,Tim.

  2. Thanks for the write-up on this series, Cherry Red. It was a custom request and he specifically asked for Veronica and Kay. I suggested Syren because I have worked with her before and knew she can be very stern. I have been getting great feedback on her. Also, keep any eye on to see if Veronica blogs about the shoot. She wants to, I know. Maybe she needs Ms. De Mer to motivate her!

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