Holiday Spanking Fiction: The Naughtiest Elf

loki renardWe are delighted to present a cherry red exclusive excerpt from “The Naughtiest Elf,” a sizzling, seasonal spanking tale from the unstoppable Loki Renard.  An excerpt is posted below, and in addition, you can read the first chapter here.

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Tilly is a naughty elf, a very naughty elf indeed. She’s been spanked more times in her life than she can possibly count, so much so that Santa’s lap almost counts as a second home.

Even Rudolph the red nosed reindeer disapproves of her behavior, but it seems that nothing and nobody can teach Tilly to be good.

The naughty elf thinks she’s going to keep getting away with things, but this Christmas, Santa’s oldest son, Stefan Claus is coming home and he knows just what Tilly needs.

The naughtiest elf at the North Pole is about to discover a whole new world of hot-bottomed discipline and learn her lesson once and for all.

An excerpt from “The Naughtiest Elf” by Loki Renard.

Stefan’s wing of the great grotto was quite charming. His living room was a wide circular room with a fireplace taking up a quarter of the room. There were couches and arm chairs arranged around it and behind them, an ornately carved table. There was no food there yet, but Stefan assured her that it would appear in due course and invited her to sit before the fire in the meantime.

They spent some time in polite chit chat. Tilly was impressed with how genuinely interested Stefan seemed to be in getting to know her. She was equally interested in getting to know him and asked him lots of questions about his return to the North Pole, most of which he answered with a charming vagueness that failed to satisfy her curiosity entirely.

“Long story short, father wants me to learn the business, I want to advance it,” he smiled and smoothly changed the subject. “How long have you been here, Matilda?”

“I was born here,” Tilly said. “My parents left when I was ten. They’ve never been seen since.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Stefan said.

Tilly shrugged. “It was a pretty big deal at the time, then everybody forgot about it and life went on. Except I was stuck here and I pretty much did as I pleased until I turned 18 and then the work and the spankings started.” She blushed when she realized she’d said the ‘s’ word out loud, but it was hardly a secret, he’d seen her on the receiving end of one spanking already after all.

His lips parted in a grin. “You get spanked a lot, don’t you?”

“More than anyone else,” Tilly said with a hint of possibly misplaced pride.

“Do you like it?”

“No!” She denied hotly. “Well, I mean, maybe a little.” The words came tumbling out, honesty trumping her desire to keep her secrets to herself. “I used to like it when Santa would spank me because I felt a little more at home over his lap.” She looked at him under her eyelashes. “Is that weird?”

“It’s not weird at all,” Stefan assured her. “A spanking is great for feeling settled.”

“Sometimes,” Tilly agreed. “It doesn’t last long though. Within a day or two I’m always back in trouble. Greta loves it.”

“Who is Greta? The one covered in baubles?”

Tilly nodded and giggled. It was good to share her dislike of her old supervisor with her new boss. She was fast warming to Stefan. She’d almost forgotten that he’d said he would discipline her too.

The food came then, brought by an elf who didn’t say much but who looked at Tilly with a curious, somewhat jealous expression. It was highly irregular for a workshop elf to be allowed that far into the grotto. Tilly felt a glow of pride at having distinguished herself in some way other than simply being an annoyance.

After dinner, Stefan and Tilly withdrew back to the fire and their conversation continued unabated.

“Have you always had these ideas for toys?”

“Oh yes,” Tilly said, enthusiasm lighting her eyes. “I used to try to share them, but nobody was ever very interested. It’s just been toy cars and soldiers and rocking horses and dolls that say mama over and over and over again.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s like this place is stuck in some sort of infinite loop.”

Stefan chuckled. “That is one way of putting it.”

“You get in trouble for everything here,” Tilly continued her complaints, encouraged by Stefan’s apparent willingness to hear criticism. “Show up one minute late, you get a demerit point, be off target by a couple of units, more demerit points and at the end of it all there’s a spanking.”

“Is that why you’re consistently late?”

She looked over at him and saw that he had his brow raised. They were back to the theory that she liked being spanked all the time.

“Hey, I don’t like it that much,” she said, answering the unspoken accusation. “I’m not some kind of… of pervert. I’m just… used to it.”

“I’m sure you are,” he said. “Which is why I intend to keep up the regime.”

Tilly felt her face flush. “What do you mean?” She asked the question knowing full well what he meant.

“I mean I intend to make sure that my new designer is settled and well behaved and doesn’t act out because she hasn’t been put in her place enough.”

“But I don’t want to be spanked for no reason,” Tilly frowned ferociously, hoping that would put him off. They’d been having such a nice time up until that point. She hoped he wouldn’t want to spoil it with squabbling.

“Do you want to work in the workshop?”


“Then you’ll follow my rules,” Stefan said firmly. He was no longer just a friend, but a stern and certain man with a look in his eye that Tilly recognized. She tried slipping away from him, but he caught her before she could get very far.

With a gentle, but firm grasp he pulled the squirming elf over his lap and patted her bottom. “It’s time you learned to settle down and behave yourself properly.” She squirmed in place, feeling his hard, masculine frame beneath her and around her. Stefan was just as muscled as he looked, when he shifted her into a better position she could feel his thighs flexing beneath her belly.

He started spanking her with firm swats that stung her rear, but did not hurt her too much. The solid whacking against her bottom soon became a rhythm she was caught up in. After a time, the sensation began to build into something hotter and stronger, she began to squirm, but the hand on her back pressed down, keeping her in place. “Stay still, Tilly,” Stefan said. “Take every swat like a good girl.”

And she did. She did stay still. She did take every single swat he gave her bottom and it made her feel strangely calm as she slipped into a dreamy state. She was safe in his arms, sheltered by him even as he spanked her. Though she’d been spanked many times before, she’d not experienced this kind of spanking, a spanking that wasn’t about punishing her, but about showing her a place to be.

There were tears running down her cheeks, not because of pain, but because of something blossoming inside her.

A trust and openness that had not been there before. He was still spanking her, his hand stinging the flesh of her cheeks, but she felt only warmth. When the heat finally became too much and she was no longer able to control her whimpers, he gathered her up in his arms and held her tenderly against his chest.

“Why are you doing this?” She whimpered against his shirt, caught up in a a feeling of vulnerability like she’d never experienced before.

“Because you need it. Anyone can see that.”

“Really, anyone?”

“You think your need to be spanked is secret? Hardly.”

Excerpt posted with permission from Loki Renard.

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  1. This is one of my fave bits in this tale. I like my heroines/heroes/elves to enjoy spanking. I want them happy, especially during the holidays.

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