Guest Blogger Michael Darling: Of Male Bottoms, Red Tails, Dana Kane and More

Spanking enthusiast Michael Darling, pictured below, has starred in some sizzling, rump-roasting videos for Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking site, including a delightful F-M bun blazer starring the mesmerizing Dana Kane, entitled “Marital Discipline.” 

dana kane spanks michael darling
“You’ve been a pain in the ass. Now I’m going to be a pain in yours.” — Dana Kane

Instead of a standard Q&A, I asked Michael if he could chat a bit about that Dana Kane “Martial Discipline” shoot, what went on behind-the-scenes, etc.  Thusly, we are stoked to feature his thoughtful musings on a wide array of topics as related to male bottoming, intimacy and control and lots more.  Enjoy!

You can also check out Michael in a fanny flaming film entitled “Plagiarism,” another sizzler called “Dana for Senator,”  as well as “Prove Your Love” and more cherry red goodness.

Written by Michael Darling

The Dana Kane “Marital Discipline” shoot was entirely Pandora’s idea. I had reached out to Pandora online, saying that I was really curious about helping her make ethical, fair-trade porn (as she brands it) and would she be interested in having me as a model.

I remember trying to impress her by not just showing off my previous kink credentials – by this point I had a handful of shoots under my belt, but no dedicated spanking scenes – but also my interest in the ethics and politics of it all, as I had worked for a couple of different female-gaze-centric magazines by this point, too.

She was enthusiastic and we met up and hit it off. We were clearly on the same page about the kind of stuff we wanted to make. It just so happened that I was contacting her as she was also getting in touch with Dana to make a shoot, I think, so we ended up being amalgamated into the same big shoot.

When we met up in person Pandora was keen to find out what genuinely turned me on. She was keen to inject something personal and unique into my scenes, but also make sure that I was bringing my own ideas, my own fancies and tastes, and that I was doing something that genuinely interested me, so that I would be engaged throughout.

I remember mentioning puppyplay and ageplay, both things I had an interest in and had filmed scenes around previously. We actually very recently got around to doing a spanking/puppyplay shoot with Nimue Allen and that was a great deal of fun: me bounding around and licking/sniffing at everything, only to be punished for it.

A few days after we met up, Pandora emailed me with a selection of scene ideas, keen to get my input on them. These initial ideas were so well-formed that they basically formed the four Dana/myself(/Pandora) scenes that you can see on her site right now, all without much needing to change.

On the day of the shoot, I was nervous due to my relative lack of experience compared to everyone I was working with, but buoyed by the rapport everyone seemed to have, and how clear Pandora was at communicating exactly what she needed of me. Plus we were plied with copious amounts of tea: that most British of mood elevators.

I remember we shot scenes that involved the three of us – Dana, myself, Pandora – first, so Pandora would be there to figuratively and literally hold my hand if need be, since these were my very first ever scenes for Dreams. I was glad that she’d even thought about that sort of detail and showed that she really wanted to make sure her performers were at ease.

dana kane
Michael Darling is upended in the Femdom film “Dana for Senator,” starring Michael, Dana Kane and Pandora Blake.

Dana was a joy to work with too. I remember she was super professional throughout, but also fun to work with and in good spirits throughout the day. Again, I was a little intimidated working with someone more experienced in this niche than I was, but at the same time knowing that I can work with people like Dana and Pandora gave me a great deal of confidence going forward.

In the newer shoots for Dreams of Spanking, you even see me getting toppy and spanking others, not something I would have had any confidence in doing back when we were doing the initial shoot with Dana.

The first couple of shoots, the one where Pandora and I were part of a politician’s campaign and the one where I was a plagiarising student, definitely spoke to a subby part of me.

dana kane and pandora
Plagiarism will earn Michael a very sore backside in this film also starring Pandora and Dana Kane.

The former reminded me of some of my own early work experience, that fear of being chewed out by the boss, and the second of my own time at university (where, I must add, I never once plagiarised anything). Playing the nervous subordinate or expulsion-fearing student definitely tapped into my experience and I hope my anxieties seem really genuine in those scenes!

The ageplay shoot was absolutely my favourite, though, for so many reasons. I got a big reaction from the cast and crew when I came on in my giant pink footed sleeper. I was a giant, cute ball of pink fuzz!

The sleeper was/is my own. I bought it for an Edwardian/Victorian-themed party where myself and two others decided to go as the Darling children from Peter Pan. I was, of course, Michael Darling, although I wouldn’t adopt that as my stage name until a little later.

The chance to do something that played around with ideas of manhood vs boyhood and how each presents really appealed to me. Plus, there was the shaving sequence, which the crew were really excited about as it was unlike anything they’d shot before. We shot the whole thing in a lovely space that had a gorgeous bathroom and the bathroom pictures from that shoot are some of my favourites.

They really speak to a number of the things I really like about ageplay as a whole: the mix of intimacy and control. When you see Dana run me a bath, lower me down and start to lather me up and shave me, there’s an incredible care and intimacy there, but also a really obvious power dynamic.

She is in control, absolutely, but I am choosing to let her, to let her be the ‘parent’ there. I think the narrative is really interesting too, as I’m this bratty husband who kind of needs the punishment of being regressed and punished, but also that I’m being bratty because I’m crying out and yearning for that intimacy.

There’s a lot going on underneath all of the dynamics in that scene. I really hope others can see the same mix of sexiness and intimacy that I see when I look back on that particular shoot.

Dana Kane spanks Michael Darling

Plus, that shoot in particular was just a lot of fun. We really got into the dynamic of our argument at the beginning, with me being super bratty, but also I think we ad libbed some great lines into the scene later on when our characters are more close and comfortable with each other.

We had definitive ideas for each scene but allowing us to come up with dialogue a bit more freely really allowed for some great and genuine moments to happen that I don’t think we would have thought up if we’d been strictly scripting everything.

Pandora did have the great idea of continuing the ageplay theme but in an entirely different vein for our fourth scene and having us be unapologetically misbehaving teens who Dana would try and spank into some semblance of gender conformity. I really liked seeing Pandora as a tomboy for that one, as I can’t imagine you’ll get to see that look on her that frequently.

Not in front of a camera, anyhow. It was fascinating trying to work out how to frame that one, as we wanted to kids to come out in the end: we didn’t want to seem like we were down on a bit of queerness.

I learned a lot that day and I’m really glad to have gotten the chance to perform with Pandora since; I genuinely think each time we shoot gets better than the last as we’re bringing in more and more experience.


**For more info, visit Dreams of Spanking.


**And for more info on Dana Kane, surf on over to:

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interview with Michael Darling. He is, genuinely, a darling…and takes quite a spanking! And Pandora and her crew were a delight to work with.

    – Dana Kane

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