Koko Kitten: The Cherry Red Interview

Koko Kitten is spanked otk

We are pawsitively stoked to present a cherry red interview with the self-described “purr purr provocateur,” talented fetish model, and spanking starlet, Koko Kitten.

Koko recently starred in the annual multi-schoolgirl spanking epic, Exclusive Education 7, playing now at GirlSpanksGirl — which is also available via the better-valued Clare Pass.

Feeling the wrath of Snow Mercy and also Sarah Gregory, the misbehaving Koko Kitten stars in the annual schoolgirl red-ass festival “EE7,” playing now at Girl Spanks Girl.

If you were an actual kitten, what kind of kitten would you be?

You mean to say I’m not an actual kitten? I’m a one-of-a-kind breed frequently found roaming all over Los Angeles with a hypnotizing iridescent coat and a penchant for butt rubs and patent leather shoes.

Meow. So I understand you work as a switch at the Dominion in Los Angeles, and that spanking is your favest activity there?

Spanking is my favorite activity to both give and receive at the Dominion. It can be so playful and relaxing for me.

Koko KittenAre you in touch with Clare Fonda?

Although I’ve shot for her site, I’ve yet to meet Clare Fonda! And from what I understand, she is somewhat of a spanking legend and I’d love to meet her… and her firm hand.

How did you end up shooting the annual spanking schoolgirl extravaganza, Exclusive Education 7, for Girl Spanks Girl? And what was the experience like overall?

I ended up shooting EE7  because I’m a friend of Snow Mercy, who also works at the Dominion with me. She introduced me to the amazing Cameraman at one of her shows, and he asked if I’d do a spanking shoot.

My answer was positively yes, and I’m glad I agreed!

The shoot was a buttload of fun and the cameraman said it was one of the best shoots he had ever done. He also says he loves shooting with me too because I am “so damn cute and adorable.”

Have you ever shot with a spanking cast that large before?

I’ve never shot with a spanking cast that large before because that was my very first spanking video!

Snow Mercy spanks Koko Kitten
Snow Mercy shows no mercy on Koko’s bottom in “Exclusive Education 7,” playing now at GirlSpanksGirl.

Seems like you are also really digging the foot fetish?

Oh, yes… next to spanking, foot fetish is one of my favorite fetishes. I really love to have my feet played with and worshipped. My spankable bottom and my ticklish feet adore attention!

I’m a Thai kitten, and in Thai culture, it’s extremely taboo to have feet near the head. The closer your feet are to the head, the more disrespectful it’s supposed to be. So I bet something about that made me grow up wanting to rub my feet all over a man’s face.

Who are some of your favest photogs to work with?

My favorite photographer to work with is a good friend of mine, Christine Hahn. She has shot my most favorite photos of myself. Her work is mostly in fashion, but she has a big interest in shooting fetish.

She has an incredible eye and we both have similar taste in aesthetics so she’s also very easy and inspiring to work with. You can see more of her work at christinehahnphoto.

What are your favest and/or least favest spanking implements?

My most favorite spanking implement is the good ol’ hand on a good ol’ bare bottom! To me, nothing beats (ha!) it. I prefer a thuddier impact as opposed to stingy, but honestly, I haven’t come across any spanking implements that I didn’t like, including wood. Wooden implements can still feel wonderful if used properly.

Have you always been into the spanking fetish, or did the kink develop later in life?

I’ve always been into fetish in general, but I didn’t realize what a fantastic activity spanking is, especially OTK, until I was about 19 years old. I was never really spanked as a child so there’s nothing too psychological about the fetish for me—it’s more about the sensations and the amazing release of endorphins.

From checking out your work, you seem to be into tons of fetishes…….How did you get involved in all these various kinky endeavours?

I just love the world of fetish in general! I’ve been intrigued and enamored by fetish, particularly aesthetically, since I was a wee kitten. I think my first, true fetish I developed was a shoe fetish that evolved and probably contributed to my lingerie (especially stockings!) and foot fetish.

Name a celebrity that could use a good spanking, or that you’d like to personally spank….?

I’d like to personally spank Noel Fielding, a British comedian with a surreal sense of humor and impeccable fashion sense. He seems like he’d be pretty kinky so I bet he would totally be into a good bare bottom OTK hand spanking.

When you are not being a naughty kitten, what are some of your non-fetish vanilla interests and passions?

A few of my non-fetish interests include science (genetics and evolutionary biology in particular), art history, anthropology, and film. My favorite and most influential artist of all time is filmmaker John Waters—though I guess it’s debatable whether or not he may be considered “vanilla.”

I’m also a major bibliophile and I LOVE British TV. Their programs are without a doubt far superior to American TV. I admire how the British seem to encourage intellect much more so than American culture. Doctor Who is one of my most favorite shows and I’ve been in a Stephen Fry kick lately. That man is absolutely brilliant.

Koko as a wayward, errant elf on Spanking Sorority Girls.

Any future plans for Koko Kitten that we should be aware of?

There is an exciting spanking shoot currently in its formative stages to be shot on location in St. Tropez next year that’ll encompass all of the Clare Fonda spanking sites including spankingveronicaworks which should be starting up in February.

My character will be introduced on the very long Christmas episode on Spanking Sorority Girls that will begin running on December 19th, and it includes the delectable Veronica Ricci receiving anal beads from non other than Clare Fonda (though Clare does no spanking in the scene).

I will also be appearing as a bratty call girl in an episode of Spanked Call Girls in about a month. It’ll feature Veronica and I getting spanked by Madam Snow Mercy. I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve been nominated for “Rising Star/Breakthrough Model” in the 2013 FootNight Awards!

Please go to the Foot Night site where you can vote for me once a day every day! For more updates, you can check my Tumblr site, or follow me on Twitter @MeowKoko.

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