A Few Quick Q’s with Dana Kane

art by “Red Rump”

The exquisite Dana Kane is a sizzlingly seasoned and quite famous blazer of buns. We are thusly excited to feature a brief Q&A with this master of cherryredtastic awesomeness.

Thank you Dana for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

Thanks for the invite, Dave. I love your site and am tickled to participate.

Your site DanaKaneSpanks is looking quite cherryredtastic, btw.

Ha! Well, thanks for that…it’s been a learning experience, to say the least.

So how did you end shooting this ageplay scene with Sarah Gregory? And have you shot with her before?

Sarah visited me here at my home in Las Vegas, where we planned to shoot a few spanking scenes. As she doesn’t bottom often anymore, I was happy to have the opportunity to work with Sarah for the first time, and was open to her ideas for scenes.

As she’d not done much age-play previously (and she knows how much I enjoy the role-play), Sarah asked if I’d like to help her do a full-length age-play feature. Of course, it was my pleasure!

Whose idea was the scenario for the “Miss Kane’s School of Manners” in which Sarah is sent to you for a week to learn proper etiquette and proper behavior?

Sarah had done quite a lot of thinking on this theme, so I left most of the details up to her. She’s very creative, and the scenes turned out great.

dana kane tawseAt first I thought Sarah is rocking drop-seat PJ’s, but they are apparently, what it’s called, a one-piece jumper(?) BTW, I really love spanking scenes that feature PJ’s — do you as well ?

Yes, in this scene Sarah is wearing what I call a ‘romper’ – a one-piece pj coverall. She looks absolutely adorable. And yes, I too love the pj’s, especially dropseats.

I spanked Michael Darling in that pink dropseat onesie for Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking site…his bottom was unforgettable in that thing!

Sarah’s white panties seem to go quite well with her girlish outfit. . . . .though they apparently did not stay on for too long?

I like a full-bottom panty, regardless of the theme of play, although I do admit that they usually come down pretty quickly.

And do you think the ever wayward and recalcitrant Sarah learned a lesson? Or will Sarah be making a probable future return to your “School of Manners” ?

We had such fun shooting these scenes, but I’m sure that Sarah’s character could use a reminder about proper etiquette..

Generally speaking, what are your thoughts on ageplay?

My thoughts on age-play are the same as my thoughts on any type of role-play: so long as everyone’s adult, consenting, and having fun…bring it on.

dana kane photoBTW, your F-M video with Michael Darling for the Dreams of Spanking site was certainly cherryredtastic. Will there be more of those in the works?

Ahh, as I mentioned above I had a fantastic time shooting with Pandora, Michael, and the crew at Dreams of Spanking (love those pj’s!). I cannot imagine coordinating another trip to London without getting back together to shoot more video with this great group of people.

Any other cool stuff, plans, projects going on for Dana Kane that we should be aware of for 2013?

It’s going to be an exciting year. I’m talking with a website designer about the possibility of a member’s site, Dana Kane Spanks, which I’ll be working on for the first several months of the year. Also in the works: an ebook, more video production, and LOTS of spankings.

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