Special Guest Blogger: Top 10 PunishedBrats Highlights of 2012

punishedbrats logoWe are pleased to present a special cherryredtastic guest column by David Pierson of PunishedBrats fame…..

My good friend Dave asked me to list some highlights from the Punishedbrats 2012 season.

1. Last January we moved to a new studio and our first shoot was special. The series that we shot that day was entitled ‘Five Days In Detention.’ It featured Joelle Barros, Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells. This was the first time that Pixie had been spanked on camera in nine months. Unfortunately, it was the only time in 2012.


joelle and pix punishedbrats


2. Despite the fact that Pixie has been unable to attend a PB production, her creative presence is always on display. Last February, Pixie wrote a series we called ‘Audrey’s True Confessions.’ This story featured Audrey (obviously) and Veronica Bound.

In this story Audrey read from her diary about the bad things she had done for which she was spanked over the years. Pixie got the idea from Seventeen Magazine. Only a true brat reads Seventeen Magazine. Our fans loved the story.




3. In March we shot a series called Prep School Brat. In this series we introduced the lovely Tara. She was to have worked with Veronica, however Miss Bound had aggravated and injury at the last minute, so the poor child had to shoot with me. Tara was adorable and it almost broke my heart when I caused her to cry….almost.


prep school brat


4. In April we introduced Piper to our fans. She and Veronica starred in a feature called ‘Strict Coach.’  Piper played an under achieving tennis player. I remember the Veronica was very sore that day. I think she took some of that out on poor Piper.




5. In May we shot a series entitled ‘ Office Decorum’ that featured Audrey and Britney. We had something of a history with Miss Britney. Early in our history we shot with Britney and it was one on the longest days on my life. She arrived late and was extremely anxious.

She told us how she needed to take Xanax to calm down. Imagine spanking a female version of Woody Allen. It took us four hours to shoot three scenes. Over the years she had inquired about shooting with us again. Of course, I turned her down. One day, frustrated by my refusal, she said “I’m telling Pixie! It’s her site anyway. That did not endear her to me. As I was producing this shoot, I got a call from Sarah Gregory, asking me if I would consider using her. Sarah noted that she had worked with Britney and she did well.




Because of Sarah, I hired Britney and she did a terrific job. However, she had arrived an hour late. I told her prior to the shoot that should she arrive late a very hard spanking awaited. As she went over my lap she started to cry and said “I’m so scared.”

I will work with her again.

6. In June I had the pleasure of shooting with Marisa. This was Marisa’s first spanking shoot. She was to have shot with Veronica, but V’s injury had flared again. I offered to move the shoot back a week, but Marisa had an Equestrian competition that week. She wanted to proceed.

We shot a series entitled ‘New To The Family.’ Marisa was one tough girl. She cried her way through the shoot. I offered to end the production once scene short. The poor kid’s bottom was very sore. She wouldn’t hear of it.

Ironically, Marisa won that competition but was injured when she broke her arm when her horse tripped on grass while taking a victory lap.




7. I think it was in August when I shot a series with my good friend, Joelle Barros. This story was called ‘ Nanny Drama.’ This one I wrote, truth be told, and this production was the only time I was to have been the featured top in all of 2012.

It is damn hard to direct and be on camera. I based Joelle’s nanny on the character played by Jemima Kirke from the program ‘ Girls.’ They have a similar sense of style and insouciance.


joelle spanked otk


8. It was a warm day in October when we shot a special production with Ten and Veronica. Pixie asked the fans for their ideas in putting this one together. It was actually a contest. Pixie took the winning ideas and built a story around them. The story was a major hit..or was it that Ten was majorly hot?


ten and veronica


Pixie described the story this way.

“While her mom is out of town for a month, Ten has been sent to stay with Aunt Veronica. Although she thinks it’s lame to not be left home alone, Ten believes she will be able to get away with more than she ever could living with her strict mom. But her mom has thought ahead and sent a box to Aunt Veronica labeled ‘In Case of Misbehavior’ to be opened should Ten get out of line……She got out of line.”

9. In November, we booked Tara and Julie Simone. This production was amazing. Julie is a fearsome top and a very creative woman. This shoot was entitled ‘ Strict Stepmother’. Tara cried a lot, but she got a ride home to New York City with her tormentor. Julie was a revelation. Tara was adorable as the bratty step daughter.


stepdaughter spanking


10. After my shoot with Joelle, several fans learned to Miss Barros refers to herself as a switch. They were clamoring to see the lovey Joelle spank another young lovely. So it was in December when we shot ‘Family Business’ with Joelle spanking Pi. Joelle was very nervous about spanking on camera. She needn’t have worried. She spanked very well and it was very sexy.




This guest column and all photos kind courtesy of PunishedBrats.

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  1. Punished Brats is an excellent site with David and Pixie at the helm ,sadly at the moment Pixie cannot film with them but does a grand job writing and editing the great videos ,it is very good value to be a member ,best wishes from ,Tim.

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