Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Molly Malone!

spanking model molly malone

The spanktastic Molly Malone is a relative newcomer to the cherry red spanko scene, and Molly, a self-described “true switch,” has embraced this red-bottomed, sizzling hot world with delicious enthusiasm and wicked awesomeness.  We asked Ms. Malone for a behind-the-scenes scoop on a selection of her video shoots, and she graciously responded with these juicy tidbits….enjoy!

Triple A SpankingWheelbarrow spanking shoot with Amelia

Molly Malone spanking model

This was my first shoot with Triple A, and my first time meeting the infamous Amelia Jane Rutherford. I had heard heaps of good things about AJR, but nothing could have prepared me for the larger than life, stunningly beautiful girl in the flesh, who bounded in to greet me.

Amelia is such fun to work with, and this scene in particular was hilarious to shoot. The Wheelbarrow position is a vulnerable one, and in the scene, Amelia tells me she has never experienced being spanked like this before. Of course it’s a complete chore for me to pop her wheelbarrow cherry!  [Editor’s Note: Triple A is no stranger to the sexy-hawt wheelbarrow position, having won a coveted “Cherry” award for a similarly-themed shoot.]

Triple A Outdoor Spankings

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone get spankings

This wasn’t exactly my first outdoor spanking pursuit, but it was one I’ll never forget, but that is a story for another day!

It was absolutely freezing cold as Novembers in England usually are. I felt like a real naughty girl, having my knickers pulled down al fresco!

I really liked the storyline in this scene, as it implied that Amelia and I had a spanking relationship, with a particular penchant for outdoor pursuits (not like us at all, no!). Of course we get caught by the land owner, who we quickly realise will take full advantage of the situation, having a bit of an interest in girls bottom’s himself. OF course, we don’t put up much of a fight…

Dreams of SpankingBridezilla

I will never forget shooting this for the Dreams of Spanking site. I bought a horrific 80’s wedding dress (which I secretly love) which Pandora Blake put to great use. I absolutely love playing a spoilt brat, and in this switch scene I end up punishing my Maid of Honour for all her failings, only to have the tables turned, and being punished in order to ‘calm me down’.

Nimue orders me to remove my Meringue, revealing my full bridal lingerie, and gives me a superb thrashing. Very calming indeed! Having given Nims a right royal strapping, she certainly didn’t hold back this one, and I loved every second of it. This was one of those moments in spanking films, when Pandora called ‘Aaaand, Cut!’ I was disappointed. Nims could have gone on for hours! I was a melted puddle of weddingy mush!

I shall bear this scene in mind in a few months when it is my own wedding, and should I get a bit out of hand, I know who to call to calm my nerves!.

Dreams of Spanking Bike Smut

Pandora Blake spanks Molly Malone

This was my first ever public outdoor spanking, and that’s not the only reason it’s my most memorable.

It was never intended for the Spanking Porn Audience, but rather, was for an independent film group called Bike Smut who, each year, ask applicants to submit a short porn film (must include bikes) to contribute to a private film festival. Being a bike enthusiast, and a porn enthusiast, when Pandora told me about this, I jumped at the chance to be involved. Upon hearing that they had never received any spanking porn in all the years of BikeSmut, we decided to change that.

My darling fiancé, Pilot, was on hand to both provide his favourite mountain bike, and, with a little persuasion, his skills with a camera! So the three of us headed up into my local Surrey Hills, on a sunny morning, and shot this incredibly sexy, fun and sweaty video! The Screengrabs barely do the steaminess justice – it was hot, hot Hot! Something about having my fiancé behind the lens whilst I got my bare bottom spanked by a beautiful woman, in the (public!) outdoors was incredibly exhilarating!

The end product was so lovely, in fact, that Pandora asked me if she could use it for her site, which was an absolute honour.

Dreams of SpankingIntroducing Molly Malone

Pandora Blake and Molly Malone spanking scene

This is a screengrab from the first video I made with Dreams of Spanking (well, first intentional one, anyway!). I was so incredibly nervous, but Pandora put me completely at ease, and guided me through some interview style questions to introduce me to her site members.

Of course it wasn’t long before she asked me to show her how I administer a handspanking. There is something so lovely and intimate about having a girl across your knee. I pretty much forgot all about the cameras and just enjoyed the wonderful experience.

At this time Pandora and I were exploring an off-screen relationship, and I really think the stills and films from this shoot demonstrate the warmth and affection between us. You just can’t make that stuff up.

Spanking SarahTrophy Wife

spankingsarah molly malone

I can’t help but laugh out loud at this still. I play a vile trophy wife in this scenario for Spanking Sarah, and felt just the part in trashy leopard print clothing and horrendous furs. Playing a cruel, irritating, stuck-up character somehow makes the punishment all the sweeter, because this woman seriously deserves her comeuppance.

Sarah has a wonderfully severe hand-spank on her, and I absolutely adored every second of it. The film was hilarious to make, and we could barely keep a straight face throughout it.

Northern Spanking Spanking at the Swings

northernspanking molly malone

This was the very first scene, of my very first on-screen spanking.

I met Paul of Northern Spanking very early on in my spanking career, and felt such immediate warmth, that when he invited me to shoot for him, I immediately said yes (even though I didn’t take my decision to go ‘on-screen’ lightly). I simply couldn’t turn down shooting for such lovely people who are genuine enthusiast, and with Leia Ann Woods, who was a bit of a role-model for me, and someone I aspired to be like in the spanking world.

Leia put me completely at ease as we wondered out into the garden, and, once again, it was freezing cold! I certainly felt her left hand as she desperately tried to get some warmth into my cheeks for the camera!

I will never regret choosing Northern Spanking to be the people I lost my Film Virginity to. I was looked after like I was family and I had such incredible fun. I haven’t shot with them since way back then, but I would go back in a heartbeat.


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6 thoughts on “Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Molly Malone!”

  1. Molly, if you are reading this, you are a star! Hope we catch up later this year for another session, when it’s a bit warmer? 🙂

    Oh and thanks for the memorable outdoor scenes!
    Your next film with you & Amelia is out this week over Uncle Dodgy’s knee in your sexy lingerie, it’s really rather good and you both rewarded him for his hospitality – heh heh!

  2. I loved making the Trophy Wife series with Molly. She really is an amazing lady. We had a really fun day. Our scenes were all filmed inside ….. Perhaps we’ll have to change that on our next shoot ????

  3. The beautiful Molly is with lovely Amelia being spanked of course on Johns excellent AAAspanking .com which is a great spanky site with beautiful girls ,excellent value ,best ,Tim.

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