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Paul Kennedy gets his spank on….

Dave asked me some time ago if I would write something for the Cherry Red and, aside from the time taken to run our own little spanking empire(!), I had absolutely no idea what to write about. Hence this Northern Spanking Top 5 for 2012 appears one quarter of the way through 2013. Sorry Dave!

Hopefully by way of some creative writing from (an increasingly defective) memory and some shameless self-publicity, I can give a bit of an insight into what life is like for a spanking film producer.

The more interesting bits anyway. Please note, I am NOT writing this from my yacht in Marbella but from my basement in Hampshire!

And there’s an interesting thing, Northern Spanking now operates from the south coast, far from our Scottish roots when Lucy and I started the site 12 years ago. We are north of the Isle of Wight. Just.

So here goes, in no particular order, these are MY favourite happenings concerning Northern Spanking last year…


I’ve called it that because I literally cannot disclose where it is! It may not be realised by many but the majority of UK, US & European spanking producers know each other pretty well, get on pretty well for the most part and, given the small market we all operate in, try to help each other as much as possible.

One of my best friends is John Osborne, who operates Triple A Spanking, which he set up in 2010. It was John who introduced me to this amazing old house which we were both lucky enough to shoot in two or three times before it was sold.

The most difficult thing to find as a spanking film producer is new and character-full venues to shoot in. Photo studios are invariably too small with sets built for still photography, not film (they are the wrong shape, think about what your wide-screen TV looks like, then compare the rectangle it makes with your holiday snaps and you’ll see what I mean). Hiring holiday cottages etc. is expensive and there’s always the risk of the owner or housekeeper popping in unexpectedly. Which happens. Oddly enough, that might be one of our Bottom 5 for 2012!

This vast Edwardian house was converted in the 1970’s with huge new wings to form an institutional children’s home in which similar use it continued until its closure as a respite centre in 2005 or so. I am sure you can imagine the 1970’s architectural horrors and entirely intentional austere bedrooms and bathrooms. Add to this the faded Glamour and oak panelling of the original house and you have a location we could never tire of using, nor run out of ideas for.

Sadly it eventually found a buyer who, despite its protected status, found a way around the planning laws and it is being pulled down as I write. The old place will live on however in film and photo updates at both Northern Spanking and Triple A Spanking.


OK here’s the first piece of shameless self-publicity so sit back and enjoy! I am not a web designer; I am a photographer/cameraman. The briefest look at Northern Spanking even through one half-closed eye, will tell you that. The site was designed and built 12 years ago when the best way up the Google rankings was text-rich, word-heavy.

It isn’t any more and the task of rebuilding what is now by far the biggest spanking archive is truly immense. It will happen, once I can find a proper web designer willing and capable of doing the job, at a reasonable price.

The point of that was to soften the blow of your first look at our new(ish) DVD sales website, Northern Spanking Films. Now this one I DID design and build myself. I know it’s hardly state of the art but it is far more pleasant to look at and easier to navigate and I’m quite proud of it, so there!

There’s about 150 titles listed, all with preview pictures and most with preview trailers too and it’s entirely free. If you did go on to order the odd DVD then I, my wife and my hungry child would be ever so grateful.


As well as an appalling health authority that fails to count the people it kills, this mid-sized north-midlands English county contained the venue for our Big Shoot of 2012, Usually we do one or two Big Shoots each year, in which a large venue is obtained, filled with naughty girls and the ensuing chaos is filmed and photographed.

This is interspersed with eating, booze, stupid games, practical jokes, getting barred from pubs, freezing, more booze… you get the idea. But between 10 and 6 everyone works very hard indeed, hence the after-hours, ahem, enjoyment!

Besides Zoe Page, My Lovely Assistant, this spanking raid on the Midlands involved many new faces, including: Scarlot Rose, Sally Spark, Masie Dee, Jenna Jay, Nimue Allen & Fae Corbin.

Fighting for control I was ably assisted by my co-Top David de Wolfe. This was actually a joint shoot whereby we shared the venue with Nimue, who went on to shoot films and stills for her own new site, Nimuesworld.

Yours truly made an appearance as an unimpressed dad in dressing gown and slippers, which Nimue bought for me and allowed me to keep. Thank you Nimue. I was also a Very Nasty Man Indeed and took a leather tawse to the backs of Nimue’s thighs. And that was BEFORE I saw the dressing gown!

The stand-out film from this shoot is undoubtedly “50 Shades of Pink” and its available in full and entirely free, here.


Las Vegas seems like mine and Lucy’s second home. This was our fourth trip and our third Shadow Lane. The invasion force this year included Caroline Grey, Amy Hunter and Stephen Lewis. Over the years we’ve made many friends in the US spanking scene, not least Tony, Eve and Keith from Shadow Lane itself. This time we met and worked with Alex Reynolds (who we are about to shoot with here in the UK), Mila Kohl and Ten Amorette.

Something which has often concerned me is the general aging of our scene and how we encourage new, younger people into it, or how (and if) they become aware of it. This year’s Shadow Lane was very refreshing in that respect with a number of genuine young spankers and spankees attending their first public event, notably Mila whom we will be shooting with, again here in the UK, this coming May.

Non-shoot or event highlights include recreating a scene from Inception (or 3 dead hookers in a lift as someone charitably termed it) and shopping with a hangover in 104 degree heat.

Our events this year were the setting up of an American franchise for Mrs Darling’s Academy and hosting our very own Spankolympics, comprehensively won by Amy and Caroline but with some moderate competition from Zille Defeu and myself. There’s a full account with incriminating pictures on our Forum.


And finally… some more shameless self-promotion: my choice for the two of the best films released on Northern Spanking.


Early in 2012 we were pleased to provide new UK spanking starlet Molly Malone with her very first on-screen spanking. One of the results is a very pretty girl/girl film with Leia Ann Woods, in which Molly is a trainee buyer for a provincial auction house.

Having made The Terrible Mistake, Molly must face the wrath of the owner, Miss Woods. That she does so in the most delightful golden underwear is entirely to Molly’s credit! This was my first go at a film with a more “vintage” feel and we went to quite some effort with props and staging. I think it works really well.


A Schoolgirl film with a nice twist. School secretary, (Aleesha Fox) is deeply kinky and utterly fascinated every time the Headmaster has occasion to cane any of the girls. It is following the beating for truancy of Caroline Grey and Alice Appleby that Aleesha’s fantasies find her out and her obsession with having her bottom caned like a naughty schoolgirl, is finally, fully and painfully realised.

So that’s my Top 5 Northern Spanking events for 2012. I hope you enjoyed the account and the pictures with which I am sure Dave will kindly sprinkle it.

On to 2013 and we’ve just completed our first shoot of the year with Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford and about to do our second with Alex Reynolds. There are samples and more guff about us and what ridiculous things we get up to on our Forum.

For more info, visit Northern Spanking.


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